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    I Ranked All Of Loki's Fashion Moments From "Belongs At The Met Gala" To "Burn It Now"

    Your Asgardian Look Book, if you will.

    You know Loki: the mischievous scamp of a Marvel villain, so delightful, he just keeps showing up.

    Walt Disney Studios / Via

    Most villains get one movie, but Loki's made appearances in a half dozen.

    And now Loki's got a whole TV show on Disney+ that is aptly named Loki.

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    And so, to honor Loki and Loki, here is a ranking of every outfit our favorite evil mastermind has worn during his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting with the worst and moving to the best.

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    Superhero and supervillain costumes say a LOT about their status in the MCU. When they're riding high in a place of power, we see shiny, bright, regal looks befitting Norse deities. When they've been defeated, we get dingy outfits and (dare I say it) average-person street clothes. Loki can go from muggle to overlord in seconds, and his costumes usually tell us his state of mind. 

    22. Prison Jumpsuit w/Dog Collar (Loki)

    Loki stands in a prison jumpsuit next to Owen Wilson
    Disney+/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Ugh. I hate to dump on Loki's signature lewk from the Loki pilot, but this is gonna be a "boot" for me. The greasy hair. The wide collar on the prison shirt that makes it look like Loki's in a rec bowling league. The horrid color combo of beige and orange. Not one redeemable thing here, and that includes the chunky choker. Moral of the story: don't get arrested by the Time Variance Authority after escaping to a new timeline with the Tesseract. 

    21. Disheveled Hair and Mossy Shirt (Thor: The Dark World)

    Loki sits forlornly in prison
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Prison doesn't look good on Loki. In The Dark World, Loki is imprisoned for his crimes in The Avengers and again, the wardrobe is ROUGH. This frizzy hair/textured V-neck look is not serving. Time to upcycle the shirt and get a trim. Also, it should be noted, this entire look appears to be ripped straight from Only Lovers Left Alive where he plays a vampire in love with Tilda Swinton. This outfit would leave vamp Tilda telling her friends, "He has a great personality."

    20. Dead (Avengers: Infinity War)

    Thor cries over Loki's dead body
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Shocking that Loki looks better as a corpse than in two of his other looks, but it's the truth. Loki's dead body, left behind in Thanos's wake of destruction in Infinity War, is still more attractive than his prison looks. The dusty pale skin and facial wounds always destined it for a low spot on this list, though.

    19. Peasant Outfit (Thor: The Dark World)

    Loki reading in his prison cell
    Jay Maidment/Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy Everett Collection

    A slightly better prison look also from his time locked up in Asgard for almost destroying Earth. It's cleaner and he's found a comb, but this just isn't giving any pizzazz. It's very Jedi Knight meets disciple in a Jesus movie, with Loki's signature green looking drab and ho hum. Let it also be known that the more power Loki has, the greener his costumes get. 

    18. Funeral Style (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Loki and Thor stand together with arms crossed on a street
    Jasin Boland/Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Loki will occasionally don a suit when spending time on Earth, as he does in Ragnarok briefly, but this black-on-black-on-black ensemble is giving me goth prom vibes, and not in a good way. Black makes Loki look pale, and this hair is also very Severus Snape cosplay. Also BIG Tommy Wiseau/James Franco as Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist vibes (and that's not a good thing). Oh, hi Mark!

    17. Investigator Jacket (Loki)

    Loki in a dress shirt, tie, and jacket from the 70's
    Walt Disney Pictures

    The '70s-styled jacket is slightly better than the prison uniform, but only slightly. Once Loki is recruited by the TVA to hunt down another version of himself, they let him retire the prison jumper and replace it with this getup. The skinny tie is a nice touch, but the colors are so bleak. Also, this nearly-shoulder-length-but-not-quite haircut needs a restyle. It should be either longer or shorter. Right now, he's in that "I'm growing my hair out, but it doesn't look good yet" phase. 

    16. Covered in Charcoal (Avengers: Infinity War)

    Loki stands is being guarded by a woman near a fire
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Loki's final pre-death outfit in his confrontation with Thanos. A standard Loki tunic/shoulder pad ensemble, but this time make it grungy. It's fine, but I don't love it. Thank goodness he survived in the multiverse, because I would not want to go out looking this grubby. 

    15. Matt Damon's Fake Loki (Thor: Ragnarok)

    A fake Thor leans over a fake Loki played by Matt Damon
    Walt Disney Pictures

    In Ragnarok,  Anthony Hopkins' Odin enjoys a staged version of the Loki/Thor story. These costumes, however, look like cheap knockoffs if you ask me. What fabric are they even using? Very Spirit Halloween. Very middle school production of The Crucible

    14. Birthday Suit (Loki)

    Loki naked in front of a machine
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Loki is nude (very briefly) in between his time as a prisoner and an investigator for the TVA. I can't find fault with that six pack and those arms BUT again, I hate this haircut.

    13. Blue Knit Train Guard (Loki)

    Loki disguised to get on a train
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Who doesn't love an electric blue knit sweater/motorcycle helmet ensemble? Loki changes into this to sneak onto a train on one of his temporal missions, and while I give kudos for the "bold choice" (a phrase I used often in my days working in the H&M fitting room), this just isn't really coming together. He looks like a sock puppet. 

    12. Casual Tunic (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Thor and Loki stand in a field
    Walt Disney Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

    This is the standard Loki look we see multiple times throughout the Marvel films. He dons a number of green tunic/cloak/robe/cape numbers when he's at a point of stasis. He's not in power, but he's also not serving time for crimes against humanity. Usually, he's wearing this getup when he's plotting something. It looks good, even if it's a little boring. 

    11. Face Mask (The Avengers)

    Loki wearing a face mask over his mouth
    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Okay sir, I'm gonna need you to cover both your mouth AND your nose with the mask please." At the end of Avengers when Loki is captured, the crew decides it would be best to keep him mute. I like the instinct to accessorize with a muzzle (even if the instinct wasn't Loki's), but this zipper collar is not my favorite. Also, for some reason, for Avengers and Avengers only, Loki has a feathered, slicked back mullet and someone wisely decided it shouldn't make an appearance in subsequent films. 

    10. IRS Accountant Chic (Thor)

    Loki wearing a suit and tie
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Oh baby. Loki's hair in the original Thor. *insert heart eyes emoji* IDK why they decided to change it, because I love this slicked back, just grazing the collar coif. This "I'm a casual human" look is very winter finance bro and could use a pop of color, but I'm here for it. 

    9. Suit But Now with a Green Scarf (The Avengers)

    Loki walking down a flight of stairs with a magical staff
    Walt Disney Pictures

    In The Avengers (see feathered mullet), Loki asserts his dominance on Earth by crashing a party in a similar shirt and tie look. Here he is accenting with a green scarf, because Loki in power always likes a pop of green. 

    8. Basic Loki + Feathered Hair (The Avengers)

    Loki in a prison cell in a long green cloak
    Zade Rosenthal/Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy Everett Collection

    This is the basic Loki look slightly jazzed up that he dons for most of his stint terrorizing Earth in The Avengers. We've got a gold necklace/breastplate thing. We've got some leather accents. It's a solid effort despite, yet again, the feathered mullet. 

    7. Flashback Chopped Haircut (Loki)

    Loki looking into the distance
    Walt Disney Pictures

    This is a VERY similar look, but I'd like to touch on it to draw attention to the slightly different hair. In this flashback in the Loki premiere, Loki is wearing another of his standard green ensembles, but it's a bit hampered by this off-the-collar wavy bob. It's better than the mullet, but not by much. 

    6. Blue Ensemble (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Loki sitting on a couch in a blue outfit
    Jasin Boland/Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Loki's signature color is obviously green, but they color swap him for blue during his gladiatorial stint in Ragnarok, and I must say that I do not hate the blue/gold palette. A bit too University of Michigan for this Lansing boy's taste, but let's see Loki thinking outside of the box more often. I'd love to see a pastel pink ensemble. Or perhaps something in a deep purple?

    5. Slick Con-Man (Loki)

    Loki looks over his sunglasses at a flight attendant
    Walt Disney Pictures

    Hubba hubba. If this wasn't enough reason to get Tom Hiddleston to play the next James Bond, I don't know what is. In a flashback sequence where we learn about some of Loki's previous escapades, we get to see him in this Mad Men/Pan-Am look. The sexy suit. The sunglasses. The short, combed-over hair. Very rich '50s businessman flying in first class, and I'm ready to book the seat beside him. 

    4. Chains (Thor: The Dark World)

    Loki standing in a throne room chained to two guards
    Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Accessories can make or break an outfit. This is the standard Loki garb, but the body chain/cuffs/choker really tie it all together (see my pun?). Loki is dripping in ice when he's brought before the court to pay for his crimes in Avengers, and he's serving us a Nick Jonas bop.

    3. Casual Heir Attire (Thor)

    Loki stands near a bench
    Walt Disney Pictures

    LOOK AT THAT HAIR. Gosh does he look good with the casual Draco Malfoy–inspired slick back. It's just the right length that it isn't competing with his casual Loki tunic. This is what Loki looked like when we met him for the first time all the way back in 2011. We didn't know he was evil, and how could he be when he looks so good!?

    2. Green Cape + Big Horns (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Loki on a bridge wearing a cape and horns
    Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Loki is at his most powerful when he's got the horns on. He wears them when he's asserting dominance as the big bad in Avengers and he wears them again here as he's fighting off Hela's minions. He's reminding us all that you can fight your enemies and look chic at the same time.

    1. Throne Room Regalia (Thor)

    Loki stands before the throne
    Walt Disney Pictures

    The best of the best. Not only is the two-horned helmet presiding majestically over this costume, but the whole thing is polished and fitted stunningly. This is the look Loki upgrades to in Thor after he's usurped his father and banished Thor to Earth. The cape. The breastplate. The intricate way all of the pieces are laced together in metal. Loki knew he deserved to be king of Asgard, and he dressed for the part.  

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