I Ranked All Of Loki's Fashion Moments From "Belongs At The Met Gala" To "Burn It Now"

    Your Asgardian Look Book, if you will.

    You know Loki: the mischievous scamp of a Marvel villain, so delightful, he just keeps showing up.

    And now Loki's got a whole TV show on Disney+ that is aptly named Loki.

    And so, to honor Loki and Loki, here is a ranking of every outfit our favorite evil mastermind has worn during his tenure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Starting with the worst and moving to the best.

    22. Prison Jumpsuit w/Dog Collar (Loki)

    Loki stands in a prison jumpsuit next to Owen Wilson

    21. Disheveled Hair and Mossy Shirt (Thor: The Dark World)

    Loki sits forlornly in prison

    20. Dead (Avengers: Infinity War)

    Thor cries over Loki's dead body

    19. Peasant Outfit (Thor: The Dark World)

    Loki reading in his prison cell

    18. Funeral Style (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Loki and Thor stand together with arms crossed on a street

    17. Investigator Jacket (Loki)

    Loki in a dress shirt, tie, and jacket from the 70's

    16. Covered in Charcoal (Avengers: Infinity War)

    Loki stands is being guarded by a woman near a fire

    15. Matt Damon's Fake Loki (Thor: Ragnarok)

    A fake Thor leans over a fake Loki played by Matt Damon

    14. Birthday Suit (Loki)

    Loki naked in front of a machine

    13. Blue Knit Train Guard (Loki)

    Loki disguised to get on a train

    12. Casual Tunic (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Thor and Loki stand in a field

    11. Face Mask (The Avengers)

    Loki wearing a face mask over his mouth

    10. IRS Accountant Chic (Thor)

    Loki wearing a suit and tie

    9. Suit But Now with a Green Scarf (The Avengers)

    Loki walking down a flight of stairs with a magical staff

    8. Basic Loki + Feathered Hair (The Avengers)

    Loki in a prison cell in a long green cloak

    7. Flashback Chopped Haircut (Loki)

    Loki looking into the distance

    6. Blue Ensemble (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Loki sitting on a couch in a blue outfit

    5. Slick Con-Man (Loki)

    Loki looks over his sunglasses at a flight attendant

    4. Chains (Thor: The Dark World)

    Loki standing in a throne room chained to two guards

    3. Casual Heir Attire (Thor)

    Loki stands near a bench

    2. Green Cape + Big Horns (Thor: Ragnarok)

    Loki on a bridge wearing a cape and horns

    1. Throne Room Regalia (Thor)

    Loki stands before the throne

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