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    10 Times Kristen Stewart Deserved An Oscar Nomination But Rudely Got Snubbed

    Unfortunately, her blood Slurpee-drinking performance in Breaking Dawn is not included.

    Hello, world! The wait is over! You can now see the legendary Kristen Stewart play Princess Diana at select theaters, and widely on Nov 5.

    So run, don't walk to watch KStew wear gorgeous outfits, speak in a British accent, and piss off the royal family in Spencer.

    And while the recently engaged Kristen may have said she's only been in five good movies, I beg to differ.

    I am willing to say that prior to the nomination she should most definitely get for Spencer, that Kristen Stewart could have already earned noms for 10 of her films.

    So let's strut back through time and examine Kristen Stewart's long history of being snubbed at the Oscars. Here are her 10 best performances.

    1. Speak (2004)

    Kristen Stewart sits in a desk in a classroom

    2. Adventureland (2009)

    Kristen Stewart talks with Jesse Eisenberg in a car

    3. The Runaways (2010)

    Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning stand together with drinks in a bar

    4. Camp X-Ray (2014)

    Kristen Stewart stands at alert in military fatigues

    5. Still Alice (2014)

    Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore talk over dinner

    6. The Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

    Kristen Stewart on the phone in a hallway

    7. Certain Women (2016)

    Kristen Stewart wearing a yellow vest in front of a map of Montana

    8. Personal Shopper (2016)

    Kristen Stewar puts on a pair of shoes

    9. JT LeRoy (2018)

    Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart sit together wearing sunglasses and wigs

    10. The Happiest Season (2020)

    Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis walk down a street together holding hands