The Greatest "Survivor" Nerds Of All Time, Ranked

    Heavy on the "outwit." Often lacking on the "outplay" and "outlast."

    34. Anthony Robinson

    Anthony Robinson stands in the jungle

    33. Neal Gottlieb

    Neal Gottlieb carries torches

    32. Evvie Jagoda

    Evvie sits in the sand

    31. J'Tia Taylor

    J'Tia Taylor does a puzzle

    30. Kellyn Bechtold

    Kellyn Bechtold smiling

    29. Karishma Patel

    Karishma Patel sits in a hammock

    28. Ken Hoang

    Ken Hoang stands in a field

    27. Gabby Pascuzzi

    Gabby Pascuzzi sits on the beach

    26. Omar Zaheer

    Omar puts his hands above his head

    25. Shirin Oskooi

    Shirin Oskooi

    24. Zeke Smith

    Zeke Smith smiles

    23. Laurel Johnson

    Laurel Johnson grimaces

    22. Ryan Ulrich

    Ryan Ulrich in the jungle

    21. Rick Devens

    Rick Devens sits in the shelter

    20. Lillian Morris

    Lillian sits in a Boy Scouts uniform

    19. Hannah Shapiro

    Hannah Shapiro stands with fruit in her hand

    18. Christian Hubicki

    Christian Hubicki sits in the woods

    17. Scout Lee Cloud

    Scout stands in a baseball cap

    16. Bob Crowley

    Jeff Probst puts an immunity necklace on Bob Crawley

    15. Greg Buis

    Greg Buis wears the immunity necklace

    14. Eliza Orlins

    Eliza Orlins in a bathing suit

    13. Mike White

    Mike White lays on the beach

    12. David Wright

    David Wright sits on the beach

    11. Adam Klein

    Adam Klein rubs his neck

    10. Spencer Bledsoe

    Spencer Bledsoe sits on a beach

    9. Maryanne Oketch

    Maryanne Oketch lies in the sand

    8. Yul Kwon

    Yul Kwon smiles

    7. Rob Cesternino

    Rob Cesternino gives a confessional

    6. Stephen Fishbach

    Stephen Fishbach is on tribal council

    5. Kass McQuillen

    Kass McQuillen sits in the forest

    4. John Cochran

    John Cochran sits in a bench

    3. Sophie Clarke

    Sophie Clarke sits in the shelter

    2. Yau-Man Chan

    Yau-Man Chan points

    1. Aubry Bracco

    Aubry Bracco stands with fruit in her hand

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