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17 Of The Best LGBTQ+ Shows To Stream On Peacock For Pride

Modern Family, Rutherford Falls, Saved by the Bell, and more great titles you'll want to queue up on the NBC streaming service in June.

We hope you love the shows and movies we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of revenue or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh and FYI: Platform, prices, and other availability details are accurate as of time of posting.

1. Modern Family (2009–20)

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet at their wedding
Peter "Hopper" Stone / ABC/Courtesty Everett Collection

At this point in 2021, after 11 seasons, 250 episodes, and 80 Emmy nominations, it’s hard to remember a time when the Pritchett clan weren’t pillars of the pop culture zeitgeist. Watching Ty Burrell’s Phil perform magic tricks for his exasperated wife Claire (Julie Bowen) is the kind of easy, cozy comfort viewing that makes us feel at home. Back in 2009, however, when the pilot aired, the show was anything but easy and comfortable. An openly gay couple raising an adopted daughter on primetime network television? Scandalous! The show’s early seasons saw Mitch and Cam (Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet) humorously navigate the travails of being gay in America (lest we forget, they couldn’t even get married until Season 5!), while the later seasons tended just to focus on the pair as people. Countless hours of nostalgic family antics and Fizbo jokes are just waiting for you.

Watch it on Peacock with a Premium membership.

2. Girls5eva (2021)

The girl group, including Busy Philipps and Paula Pell, embrace
Heidi Gutman/Peacock / Getty Images

It is a truth universally acknowledged that gay people love musicals, and especially musicals about gay people. This makes Peacock’s newest original series focused on a '90s one-hit-wonder girls group reuniting after a long hiatus an instant draw. Not only does the show star “gay icons” (a phrase that gets dissected in the series) Sara Bareilles (“I don’t want to write you a love song!!!!”), Busy Philipps (talk show host, actor, and best friend of Michelle Williams), and Renee Elise Goldsberry (THE Angelica Schuyler from Hamilton), but also out-lesbian-playing-an-out-lesbian Paula Pell (A.P. Bio). We learn that Pell’s character Gloria is a divorced lesbian dentist who's not quite over her ex-wife, as she seeks to find her place in the reformed ensemble. Bonus points to this Tina Fey–produced comedy for casting Bowen Yang in one of his “quick, let's film this in between SNL seasons” roles.

Watch it on Peacock with a Premium membership.

3. Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce (2013–17)

Big Freedia laughing in a kitchen

If you don’t know Big Freedia, then I’ve got the queer syllabus here for you. 1) Go listen to Big Freedia say, “Bitch, I’m back by popular demand,” on the Homecoming version of Beyoncé’s “Formation.” 2) Go listen to her slay the song “Raising Hell” with Kesha. 3) Go watch her reality TV show, which originally aired on Fuse. The New Orleans rapper/bounce music star, who is a gay man and prefers she/her pronouns, headlines the show’s six seasons as a rising star both on and off the stages. Even through her messy relationship with boyfriend Devon and her mother’s battle with cancer, Big Freedia is a source of joy, humor, and, of course, slapping beats.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

4. Saved by the Bell (2020–)

Belmont Cameli, Josie Totah, and Mitchell Hoog in a classroom
Casey Durkin/Peacock via Getty Images

Peacock’s spinoff of the '90s sitcom is doing queer representation right. It’s got all the campy high school drama you’re looking for (Who will get the lead in the school musical? Someone stole iPads from the principal’s office! OMG cellphones are being confiscated!), but with some much-needed modernization. The new, more diverse cast features not only the OG crew of Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, but also transgender actor Josie Totah (who recently starred in Netflix’s Moxie). Totah plays the Regina George-esque queen bee of Bayside High, chic outfits, snappy one-liners, and football player love interest included. Claps for representation.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013–)

Andre Braugher playing solitaire at his desk
Jordin Althaus/Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

When you think of police procedurals, queer people of color don’t usually come to mind, and yet the Andy Samberg-helmed (soon-to-end) workplace comedy has always brought diversity to the precinct. Police Captain Raymond Holt (played by Andre Braugher who got his start playing a cop on Homicide: Life on the Street) has been openly gay since the show’s beginning, proving not all gay television characters need to be boozy hairstylists or flight attendants. The LGBTQ agenda was furthered when Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz, who will soon be seen in In the Heights) came out as bisexual, and we all witnessed her blossoming relationship with Cameron Esposito’s Jocelyn in the cute queer romance we all deserved.

Watch it on Peacock with a Premium membership.

6. Hollywood Game Night (2013–)

Jane Lynch hosting in front of a fireplace with stockings
Trae Patton / NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

Okay. I know what you’re thinking. Why is this game show where lovely random people team up with B-list celebrities to try and win money queer? Perhaps it is not explicitly, but I would like to make the case. First, it’s hosted by lesbian legend/Glee’s evil high school cheerleading coach Jane Lynch (who has won multiple Emmys for her hosting, I might add). Second, it is created and produced by gay legend/Will & Grace’s struggling actor Sean Hayes. And third, the celebrity guests are a pride parade’s who’s who, including Mel B, Carson Kressley, Nico Santos, Johnny Weir, Niecy Nash, Rosie O’Donnell, and Laverne Cox. Lastly, isn’t the whole concept of a celebrity gay night just a little gay?

Watch it on Peacock for free.

7. Limetown (2019)

Jessica Biel talking into a microphone
Facebook Watch/Courtesy Everett Collection

Cancelled after just one season, this gone-too-soon mystery series revolving around the strange disappearance of 300+ people in a neuroscience research facility was based on the hit scripted podcast series. At the center of both the podcast and Facebook Watch show is Lia Haddock, a lesbian investigative reporter with American Public Radio (it’s like NPR, get it?). In the TV show, Lia is played by Jessica Biel of The Sinner fame who attempts to balance spending time with her girlfriend and discovering the whereabouts of a whole town of missing humans (obviously the girlfriend is getting the raw end of the deal). I should also note that one of the missing Limetownians (Limetowners? Limetownites?) is played by none other than iconic gay ally Stanley Tucci. So if you’re missing a little Caesar Flickerman, here’s a show for you to try.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

8. Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (2006–)

Josh Flagg and Madison Hildebrand showing a house
Vivian Zink/Bravo/Courtesy Everett Collection

While the Bravo reality show predominantly focuses on the real estate drama of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Malibu’s wealthy elite, there has been a strong gay current running through its 12 seasons. Two of the shows original and longest standing real estate moguls, Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg, are both openly gay. In his coming-out episode in Season 4, Flagg discusses the difficult decision to reveal his sexuality in his upcoming memoir, and we follow his romance through a flash mob proposal in Season 9 (where he awkwardly digs the ring out of his mom’s purse) and his eventual wedding in Season 10. In the sea of real estate porn, it’s nice to find a show with a gay twist.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

9. The Office (2005–13)

Oscar Nunez, Zach Woods, and Kate Flannery at a holiday party
Chris Haston / NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

Oh, you’ve already watched The Office all the way through four times during the pandemic? Well, might I suggest a fifth? The workplace mockumentary is a comedy classic with a rabid fanbase who can quote every episode backwards and forwards (even if Dunder Mifflin attire is now cheugy). The series began its treatment of LGBTQ characters with a cringey at best, problematic at worst episode ("Gay Witch Hunt"), where Steve Carell's Michael Scott outs Scranton's sensible accountant Oscar Martinez (played by Oscar Nunez, most recently of Netflix's Mr. Inglesias). As the series progresses, however, Oscar is often shown to be one of the few competent members of the Dunder Mifflin staff, pushing forward represention in the '00s, when LGBTQ characters were few and far between. In 2007, he was reported as the sole queer POC on a regular series. Oscar Nunez strutted that runway mama (dress shirts and spreadsheets and all) so that PEPPA COULD RUN.

Watch it on Peacock with a Premium membership.,

10. This Is Us (2016–)

Ron Cephas Jones and Denis O'Hare sitting on folding chairs
Ron Batzdorff / NBC/Courtesy Everett Collection

To be fair, is there a single topic that NBC’s soapy family drama (which will end after its next season) hasn’t tackled yet? So it only makes sense that we’d get a couple of LGBTQ plotlines woven amid the Crock-Pot fires, Vietnamese jewelry, and trips to the hospital. First came the reveal that William Hill (an Emmy-winning role for Ron Cephas Jones), the father of Randall Pearson (an Emmy-winning role for Sterling K. Brown), is bisexual in a heartbreaking encounter with his ex-lover Jesse (Denis O’Hare), who reenters William’s life shortly before his passing. Several seasons later, Randall’s daughter Tess (Eris Baker) also comes out as queer in a quiet Thanksgiving moment. If only we’d got to see some gay grandfather/granddaughter bonding.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

11. Shahs of Sunset (2012–)

Reza Farahan and Adam Neely in a swimming pool
Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo/Courtesy Everett Collection

For all of the Real Housewives and Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans out there, might I suggest Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset. The glitzy reality TV show, which follows an enclave of wealthy Persian Americans in Beverly Hills, brings the drama as the stars attempt to balance luxurious parties and high-stakes careers with more traditional family values. At the center of the show is the ever-entertaining Reza Farahan, an openly gay real estate agent, whose relationship with husband Adam Neely is often featured on the show. If you’re looking for some gay, rich people shenanigans, this is your show.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

12. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (2020–)

Alex Newell in a pink gown
Sergei Bachlakov / NBC via Getty Images

Who doesn’t love a musical? If the show's going to have multiple song-and-dance numbers, then I’m there. In NBC’s musical sitcom, the titular Zoey Clarke (played by Don’t Breathe’s Jane Levy) can hear the inner monologues of her friends in the form of pop stars, and so we are treated to weekly performances from the likes of Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) and Mary Steenburgen (Happiest Season). Also among the cast is gender-nonconforming Alex Newell (who you may remember as Unique Adams from Glee), who plays Zoey’s neighbor. A belter of the finest caliber, Alex brings their power to songs like Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes” and Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive.” MORE IMPORTANTLY, however, is that you go and listen to Alex chew up and spit out “Mama Will Provide” from their Broadway run on Once on This Island. That song SLAPS.

Watch it on Peacock with a Premium membership.

13. Ellen's Game of Games (2017–)

Ellen DeGeneres and Rebecca Mehra about to play a game
Mike Rozman / NBC via Getty Images

Ellen DeGeneres’s stock in the court of public opinion has been taking a tumble as of late, given accounts of her fostering a toxic workplace on the set of her daytime talk show (which incidentally is entering its final season). But love her or hate her, she is a queer pioneer, coming out in 1997 and suffering significant backlash for it. Now with a television empire all her own, Ellen has spun off several shows, including this wacky game show in which contestants are strapped into all manner of foam-covered medieval torture devices and catapulted, pied, and dunked for a chance to win $100,000. If anyone from casting is reading this, I’d happily be shot out of a rubber cannon for $100K.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

14. Saturday Night Live (1975–)

Kate McKinnon dressed up as a lesbian in a period drama
Kyle Dubiel / NBC via Getty Images

This is basically just an excuse for me to fawn over Kate McKinnon and Bowen Yang. They are both gay. They are both hysterical. They are both the best part of SNL. I could write more, but maybe instead you should just watch these clips of Bowen playing the iceberg that the Titanic hit, of Kate as RBG, of Bowen playing a SoulCycle instructor, of Kate talking about aliens, of Bowen writing copy for Sara Lee, and of course of Kate playing a lesbian in a horny period drama. These two. *Insert heart eyes emoji*

And while we're discussing the great gays of SNL, I should mention a few of the talented LGBTQ writers, including Paula Pell (making her second appearance on this list), Chris Kelly (half the team behind the hysterical sitcom The Other Two), and Julio Torres (creator of Los Espookys.)

Watch it on Peacock for free.

15. New Amsterdam (2018–)

Tyler Labine speaking with Claire Karpen
Virginia Sherwood / NBC via Getty Images

As LGBTQ representation in television continues to expand, we’ll hopefully get more characters like Iggy Frome, the gay Head of Psychiatry in NBC’s New Amsterdam. Based on the memoir Twelve Patients by Eric Manheimer, the medical drama follows the staff of a New York City hospital as they treat the patients who arrive in each week’s episode. And one of those doctors just happens to be gay. While we do meet Iggy’s husband and learn they’ve adopted four children from Bangladesh, we mostly see Iggy (played by Escape Room’s Tyler Labine) helping patients and solving medical mysteries. Because, you know, gay people sometimes just go to work and do their jobs.

Watch it on Peacock for free.

16. Rutherford Falls (2021–)

Jesse Leigh and Jana Schmieding standing outside
Colleen Hayes/Peacock via Getty Images

The Peacock original sitcom is only a few episodes in, and the internet is already obsessed. Starring Ed Helms (The Hangover), Dustin Milligan (Schitt’s Creek), and newcomer/writer on the show Jana Schmieding, the comedy focuses on the local politics of a small New York town that borders a Native American reservation. Helms’ assistant on the show, Bobbie, is played by nonbinary actor Jesse Leigh, who convinced the shows producers to make the character nonbinary after they auditioned. With quick quips and poppy eye makeup, Bobbie is already an icon in the making.

Watch it on Peacock with a Premium membership.

17. Superstore (2015–2021)

Nico Santos clapping excitedly
Colleen Hayes / NBC/Courtesty Everett Collection

From the jump, this America Ferrera helmed and produced sitcom was serving diversity (much as her previous hit Ugly Betty had), and nowhere was that clearer than in Cloud 9 associate Mateo Liwanag, a gay Filipino undocumented worker played by Nico Santos (who you also know from Crazy Rich Asians and him dating Survivor’s Zeke Smith). Over the show’s six seasons, we see Mateo navigate his citizenship and relationship status (and their occasional collisions). A joyful show about inclusion, friendship, and what it’s like to work at a Walmart, you’re hard pressed to find a better binge for Pride.

Watch it on Peacock with a Premium membership.

There are so many things you can watch on Peacock for free, but if you want even more content, you can sign up for Peacock Premium for $4.99 a month or Peacock Premium Plus for $9.99 a month after a seven-day free trial.