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    Here's All The Fan Reactions To The Premiere Of The Thriller "Cruel Summer"

    The wigs. The mood lighting. The Brandy soundtrack.

    Freeform just premiered the first two episodes of their new thriller Cruel Summer. It's set in the 1990s and follows what happens in a small town when the most popular girl in school disappears.

    Kate and Joy at a '90s aerobics class

    With three separate timelines, loads of suspects, and a few dozen wigs, there is a lot to unpack.

    Jamie and Kate hugging

    So here are some of the best reactions from Twitter about what's sure to be your new favorite binge:

    1. To start, people really loved the show!

    the way #CruelSummer became my new favorite teen thriller in just one night😌🖤

    Twitter: @laurengarafano

    2. Especially the twisty murder mystery element.

    #CruelSummer was designed in a lab to be extremely my shit: teen murder/thriller mystery, female protagonist playing drastically different incarnations in multiple timeframes, non-linear structure that keeps raising new questions... could stand to have a little more humor though

    Twitter: @BittrScrptReadr

    3. Which left heads reeling.

    😳😳😳Okay, I just saw both episodes of #CruelSummer, and I'm just like:

    Twitter: @HandonsFlames

    4. Some people were confused that the show wasn't about Taylor Swift's song "Cruel Summer."

    Saw #CruelSummer trending and it’s not Taylor Swift.

    Twitter: @bishbishN

    It is a bop btw.

    5. But others liked the show even better than the song.

    When someone mentions #CruelSummer : others: my mind:

    Twitter: @sunshinxrobbins

    6. And others are waiting for the T Swift/Freeform crossover episode.

    Waiting for #CruelSummer to include Cruel Summer in the soundtrack like

    Twitter: @saboyer91

    7. The Pretty Little Liars hive was feeling triggered.

    Me looking at #CruelSummer wondering if I should trust Freeform again or not...

    Twitter: @PLLTVWiki

    8. But people loved how the show was set in the '90s.

    Twitter: @briasoboojie

    9. And featured a great soundtrack.

    Twitter: @Rockets2Writing

    10. Including Cinderella herself.

    Brandy playing in the background #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @VyReactTV

    11. The acting was praised.

    the acting is truly incredible. same to say i’m hooked on the pilot episode!! @sarahdrew #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @abbeycondell

    12. As were the costumes.

    Ok but Sarah looks so gorgeous in these outfits omg #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @90skarev

    13. And of course Jeanette's hair transformations were applauded!

    Janette went from Nerdy to Flirty like that 🤌🏽 #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @VyReactTV

    14. The shifts between time periods were cool.

    the transitions between years in the middle of the scene👏🏼👏🏼 #cruelsummer @cruelsummer

    Twitter: @kctewallis

    15. As were the lens changes.

    The color changing between years, great move from the producers. 😍 @cruelsummer @sarahdrew #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @drewxgua

    16. Some fans were already looking for suspects.

    I knew I got weird vibes from the assistant principal #cruelsummer

    Twitter: @pllelray212

    17. And others were shocked by mid-episode twists.

    Wait so Kate isn’t dead #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @Golden_Josette

    18. A #TeamJeanette is forming.

    So Kate is lying about Jeanette seeing her at her abductors house #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @nolabratz

    19. And it's gaining members quickly.

    SEE I KNEW KATE COULDNT BE TRUSTED!! We ride for Janette at dawn!! #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @HintonsDrew

    20. Lots of viewers are already losing their minds...

    me thinking while watching #cruelsummer @sarahdrew

    Twitter: @Iexwilson

    21. ...launching investigations...

    This show has really got me thinking🕵️‍♀️ #cruelsummer

    Twitter: @pllelray212

    22. ...and piecing the clues together.

    Me trynna understand and but everything together #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @King_Kris_Bz

    23. But the premiere's ending dropped some bombs.

    I’m loving this show but damn a lot just happened in the last 60 seconds #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @LexiJ25

    24. We've got internet sleuths on the case.

    I feel like Kate saw someone who resembled Jeanette or wore a similar bracelet to hers and this is one big mistake.🧐 #CruelSummer

    Twitter: @Zahrugh

    25. With people loving the D.R.A.M.A.

    If you’re looking for a new show to get into, look no further than #CruelSummer on @FreeformTV. Mystery, 90’s fashion and music, and more. Plus @olivia_holt & the cast crush it. @cruelsummer

    Twitter: @lisa_hiser

    26. And they will be returning next week for more clues.

    I will be tuning in next week #cruelsummer

    Twitter: @pllelray212

    Did you watch the premiere of Cruel Summer? Let us know in the comments!