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Which Type Of Lowe's Employee Are You?

Ever at alone and wandered what kind of associate you are? Take this quiz and wander no more!

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  1. When you're 20 minutes early for your shift, you?

    Sit in your car until there is just enough time for you to clock, grab your vest, and get to your station.
    Go to the break room and catch up on all the lastest gossip.
    Walk in and see if it's busy and then decide what to do.
    20 minutes before my shift. Ha I am not even dressed for work yet!
    Go inside and hide and still clock in late.
  2. If you see someone in a different department with a serious "code 3" BUT they are new and you really don't know them yet, you?

    Help them out anyway. It's a good way to meet the new employee!
    Do nothing and recite the mantra "Not my department!"
    Wait till a manager is watching or asks before you help.
    Spy on the rookie from a hiding spot. Meet them after the crowd dies down and make fun of them.
    Grab your work phone and pretend you are working on something very important.
  3. You see what looks like another helpless customer down an aisle you are about to walk down, you?

    Stop-Juke- and go down a different aisle.
    Continue down the aisle anyway. Tell th customer that you are already helping someone, but help them find someone else to help.
    Go down the aisle and help the person. After all they are here for a reason.
    Judge the customer to see if they are attractive enough to get your help. If they qualify you will either get a phone number or a customer call in! Win/Win
    Tell customer you would love to help, but can't because it's not your department. Then throw the associate who is supposed to be there under the bus so hard!
  4. You're about to clock out. You notice your co-worker is getting slammed, you?

    Slip out and say nothing. After all Game of Thrones in coming on tonight!
    Well.. since my co-worker doesn't know my schedule. Tell them I be right back cause "nature is calling" and leave. I will just make something up next time I work with them.
    Help them out. It's the decent thing to do.
    Clock out at my terminal and act like my hands are tied when they ask for help. I mean my vest is already off...
    Help them out and talk about how awesome you are for long time, and then cut the overtime when it suits you.
  5. It's th end of your closing shift and your zone is perfect. You hear a page from your manager saying: "I need ALL associates to the parking lot for carts." You?

    My schedule says I get off in two mintutes. Clearly the manager doesn't mean me.
    I enjoy getting carts. It's a great way to distress from the day and catch up with people you work with.
    Go get some carts and then finish that break you didn't get to earlier.
    Ignore the page and work on IRP's LOL
    Go get the carts and let the manager know how many you brought in and who didn't help at all.

Which Type Of Lowe's Employee Are You?

You got: Bob Barker

You may not always know the right answer, but you can make anyone believe you know what you are talking about. Your a flashy and showy employee, who walks the walks and shouts the talk. People like working with you, because you bring excitement to the workplace.

Bob Barker
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You got: Milton "Office Space"

Just like Milton, it's unclear why you still work here. You do the bare minimum to keep your job, but at least you show up. You clearly know all the rules you need to follow like: When it's acceptable to play your radio at a reasonable volume.

Milton "Office Space"
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You got: Vince "Employee of the Month"

You are an exemplary employee-on paper. Secretly people don't alway enjoy working with you. Although, everything you have to do gets done perfectly. Maybe it's time for you not to brag about it so much. Also, quit telling on your co-workers so much. It gets old..Fast.

Vince "Employee of the Month"
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You got: Monty "Waiting"

Your humor goes along way for you. People don't even mind when you don't finish your work, because they enjoy being around you. Your a bit flaky, but at least you're consistent. You may not ever be the best employee, but you will never be the worst.

Monty "Waiting"
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You got: Amy "Superstore"

You are a great employee. People like and respect you. You go above and beyond more than you should while being a friend first and a co-worker second. Keep up the good work and maybe brag a bit more so you can get that next big promotion.

Amy "Superstore"
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