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  • Wal Mart Wedding

    These two lovers met while working at Wal-Mart. Years after they’d found employment elsewhere they went to their old hangout and there was a box for people to put their names in for a chance to win a Wal-Mart wedding. Many names were pulled but only this couple had the gall to go through with it.

  • $20 Billion Unearthed in Hindu Temple, God’s Wrath Ensues

    Retired cop demands probe into the hidden treasures of an Indian Hindu temple. Over $20 billion worth of gold, diamonds, and other jewels, collected by the priests as offerings over the years is found within its vaults. Some say this offended the deity watching over the temple and the offending cop dies within months of his inquest. Now 6 of the 7 vaults have been opened. The seventh is the only one guarded by the image of a cobra which is regarded as an ill omen if opened.

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