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A Comedian Asked If People Would Torture A Terrorist To Save Their Baby And People Freaked Out

A baby strapped to a timebomb is Britain's version of Baby Hitler.

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Yesterday the president of the United States said torture works, and today a panellist from a sports-themed comedy show that was popular in the 1990s agreed.

Lee Hurst / Twitter / Via Twitter: @2010LeeHurst

After criticising the "whining of the ultra left", comedian Lee Hurst, a regular on BBC1's They Think It's All Over between the years of 1995 and 1998, then posed a hypothetical question:

Lee Hurst / Twitter / Via Twitter: @2010LeeHurst

People were a bit confused. Where did this terrorist come from, why does he have someone's baby, and why is "#torture" the only possible response?

@TechnicallyRon / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TechnicallyRon

Some people got very invested in the narrative.

Mollie Goodfellow / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hansmollman

Some tried to point out the scenario wasn't perhaps 100% watertight, but Hurst was having none of it.

Lee Hurst / Twitter / Via Twitter: @2010LeeHurst

So people started running with the hypothetical.

David Baddiel / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Baddiel

Baby Hitler and other assorted Nazis got dragged into it.

@mutablejoe / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mutablejoe
Alan White / Twitter / Via Twitter: @aljwhite

And people got more and more invested in the concept.

Hugo Rifkind / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hugorifkind
Adam Smith / Twitter / Via Twitter: @noneconomical
Davey Jones / Twitter / Via Twitter: @DHBJones

Until someone sensible finally pointed out the big flaw in Hurst's question.

Matt Haig / Twitter / Via Twitter: @matthaig1

They think it's all over...

Martin Allen / Twitter / Via Twitter: @martinallen72

... it is now.

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