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    15 Bizarre Moments From UK Election Night That You Might Have Missed

    Featuring Elmo, and marginal constituencies explained by sex positions.

    1. The exit poll graphics from Sky News were quite something.

    Something about this looks slightly like NBC welcoming you back inside the Olympic Aquatic Center

    2. In one of the standout clips of the night, former Labour home secretary Alan Johnson laid into Jon Lansman, the founder of pro–Jeremy Corbyn campaign group Momentum, while Lansman was sitting right next to him.

    'Corbyn was a disaster on the doorstep... everyone knew he couldn't lead the working class out of a paper bag'. Alan Johnson says he wants the 'little cult' @PeoplesMomentum 'out of the party' and to 'go back to your student politics' #ITVElection2019

    3. Tory Mark Francois somehow compared Conservatives winning in Labour's northern heartlands to, uh, the fall of the Berlin Wall, leaving the normally unflappable Andrew Neil speculating that Francois was hallucinating.

    Tory Mark Francois compares the Conservative majority predicted by the exit poll to the fall of the Berlin Wall, saying British people have "resoundingly defeated" Labour's "Marxist option" Live updates: #BBCElection

    4. Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon was caught on camera celebrating the Scottish National Party candidate defeating Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson.

    Nicola Sturgeon reacts to Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson losing her seat to the SNP. Follow the #GeneralElection results live:

    5. John Bercow was Sky News' star guest, and he was playing to the crowd before the exit poll was even out.

    John Bercow already giving the people what they want #UKElection

    6. Channel 4's Alternative Election Night broadcast got very heated. For American readers, this is the equivalent of Donald Trump's dad having a blazing row with Judge Judy.

    7. This was comedian Nish Kumar's response to Stanley Johnson's comments btw.

    I think this perfectly sums everything that is going on.

    8. It's also fair to say that Channel 4's broadcast stood out among a crowded field, but perhaps not for good reasons.

    Channel 4 is currently doing a comedy skit on its coverage about marginal sex positions and it's fair to say I'm not entirely sure the audience is in the mood for comedy, it is quite extraordinary.

    9. Boris Johnson successfully held onto his seat, despite being challenged by Count Binface, Lord Buckethead, and Bobby Elmo Smith.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes center stage, along with Elmo and Lord Buckethead Follow our #GE2019 live blog

    “I thank my fellow candidates in all their glory, Lord Buckethead, Elmo ... forgive me if I don’t identify them all,” said the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

    10. UK democracy at its finest.

    It’s just bonkers in Uxbridge now. @CountBinface vs @LordBuckethead #GE2019

    11. Theresa May (remember her?) might have been trolling her successor as Tory leader and prime minister by speaking to the BBC's Neil, who Johnson never did end up being interviewed by.

    Theresa May voluntarily doing an interview with Andrew Neil at her election count has to be one of the best bits of trolling of the election results evening.

    12. Neil absolutely bodied Nigel Farage when he came on to the BBC.

    Andrew Neil: “Nigel Farage… another general election, another failure to win a single seat" Farage: “We’re a new party….” Neil: “You’re a finished party”

    13. It was a night of drama, but probably no more so than in Burton.

    Kate Griffiths, estranged wife of Tory ex-minister involved in sexting scandal, wins in his former seat

    14. The Tories, presumably for no reason other than to troll people, briefly reintroduced their "factcheckUK" branding.

    FACT: @BorisJohnson and @Conservatives the winners of #GeneralElection19

    15. And finally, ITV's Tom Bradby did this at the end of a marathon broadcast. Who can blame him, really?