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This Nan Was Called "Tackie" In A Birthday Announcement Due To A Newspaper Typo And Oh My God

It's the thought that counts, right?

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This is 23-year-old Hannah Thompson from London, who works in PR.

Hannah Thompson / Twitter

Yesterday her nan, Jackie Mabey, turned 70.


Her nan's neighbour, wanting to do something nice for her birthday, took out an announcement in their local paper, the Southwark News.

Just one small problem – there was a ~slight~ typo.

Southwark News / Via

"Tackie". SMH. And, yes, the paper got the surname wrong too.

my nan's friends got her 70th announced in the local paper, she's called Jacky but there's a typo & it's a photo of her captioned with TACKY

so, please buy the Southwark news if you'd like to see a giant photo of my nan labelled TACKY.

Thompson told BuzzFeed News her nan's friend thought the announcement would be a nice surprise for Jackie.

"Her neighbour grabbed me yesterday and I went into her flat, and there were 20 copies of the newspaper everywhere," Thompson said.

"She said she was trying to buy every copy of the paper, and pencil over 'Tackie' with 'Jackie'. She asked me, ‘Do you think she’ll notice?’, and I said ‘of course!’."

“I want to get it framed," Thompson added. "I also want to rename her Tackie."

Thompson said her nan would probably find the whole thing funny and Southwark News is planning on reprinting the announcement with the correct name next week, alongside an even bigger picture.

At least we all know it could have been a lot worse.

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