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Brits Are Taking The Piss Out Of The Donald With "Trump Selfies"

Bananas, Shredded Wheat, straw - oh the possibilities!

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It was a cold, wet and windy Saturday morning when artist Moose Allain put some bananas on his head only to discover he bore a shocking resemblance to Donald J Trump.

On a day when many were mourning the apparent death of Twitter, people briefly united under the hashtag #PostATrumpSelfie.

It didn't matter if all you had to hand was a wet wipe.

A household implement...

Or breakfast cereal.

For they were legion.

Maybe people just liked putting things on their heads.

But more likely they were happy to have found a common cause.

@MooseAllain #postatrumpselfie while doing the washing up

Moose Allain, an artist and cartoonist who says he likes to play games on Twitter, told BuzzFeed News it had always been a dream of his to "see pictures of people pulling faces while wearing different things on their heads".

"Laughing at Trump is the best medicine if you're suffering from Trump. Also it's a wet and miserable day and many of us are stuck indoors and need cheering up," he said.

"I was so disturbed by how much I looked like Trump that I thought I should share it. People have risen to the occasion."

They certainly have...

#PostATrumpSelfie @MooseAllain The oblivious child had her tonsils out a couple of days ago.

Moose Allain added: "Also, you can pull any face and put anything on your head and magically you look like Trump!"

OK maybe not everything...

Although there's always someone who takes the game too far.

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