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This Guy Went Out On New Year's Eve And Woke Up In A Nursing Home

"dunnoooo about anyone else but i started off 2016 LARGE"

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You may have thought you had a big night out seeing in the new year, but did you wake up in a nursing home with not much idea how you got there?

That's what 18-year-old Jonny Wilson claims happened to him after particularly heavy one on New Year's Eve.

In a widely shared tweet he posted a photo of his bed for the night, made up of armchair cushions.

Oi help have I woken up in a nursing home??

Jonny posted a series of photos apparently from inside the nursing home, with no residents anywhere to be seen.

He had a New Year's Day nap to take stock of the situation.


But then got locked outside...

Went out for a rollie and there's no handle to get back in?? All my shits locked inside a granny common room

He started to reflect on the situation, and his present circumstances.

dunnoooo about anyone else but i started off 2016 LARGE

musta got so twisted last night that i turned into an old man and put myself in a care home LOL

Jonny, an A-Level student from North Devon, told BuzzFeed News he was a bit fuzzy on how he got into the nursing home to begin with.

"I went out in town with my best mate and a group of people. I remember at one point I was in this club and I was like, 'what the fuck? Why am I by myself in this club?'," he said.

"So I walked outside where loads of people had congregated and saw two people I sorta knew. Stayed with them for a couple of hours then I guess we must've looked for somewhere to stay and that's where we ended up!"

He now thinks that one of his friends knew someone at the home, and they were let in.


Toot fucking toot what's going on

He told us that on the morning of New Year's Day three older ladies, at separate times, came in to open the blinds, apologising to him and his friends for letting the sunlight in and asking how their nights were.

"They were so sweet, one of them called me over to look through some old CDs with her because she didn't know who any of them were," Jonny said.

At time of writing, his original residential home tweet has been retweeted 17,000 times.

Jonny said his friends have loved the reaction to his tweet, although it still feels strange to go viral.

"Definitely didn't expect it to happen to me and especially not for the reasons it did," he said. "I've always liked to get a bit of interaction from my tweets but this was a shock. My phone has been on a mad one for the past couple of days

from notifications."


He now vows to carry on 2016 as it started, "to have a brighter perspective on life and give off positive energy".

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