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This Guy Wrote A Facebook Status Calling People Morons For Comparing Flooded Yorkshire To Syria

Liam Cox urged people to "start looking outwards rather than inwards".

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Communities in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the north of England have been battling with heavy rain and severe flooding over the Christmas period.

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Hundreds of people have been left without power or forced to leave their homes altogether due to Storm Frank, which caused rivers to burst their banks.


Cox wrote:

I live in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, one of the worst affected areas hit by the floods. It's shit, everything has gotten really wet.

However...I'm alive. I'm safe. My family are safe. We don't live in fear. I'm free. There aren't bullets flying about. There aren't bombs going off. I'm not being forced to flee my home and I'm not being shunned by the richest countries in the world or criticised by its residents.

All you morons vomiting your xenophobia on here about how money should only be spent 'on our own' need to look at yourselves closely in the mirror. I request you ask yourselves a very important I a decent and honourable human being? Because home isn't just the UK, home is everywhere on this planet.

Rather than condemn a kind gesture by a man who's entitled to do what he wants with his own money, why don't you DEMAND that your government donate the costs of a single British missile to the flood victims??

Get a grip, grow up and and start looking outwards rather than inwards, it's easy if you try.

It didn't just end on Facebook, either. A screengrab of the full message was retweeted thousands of times when it was posted on Twitter.

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