Watch The Moment Angela Eagle Was Told Boris Johnson Had Become Foreign Secretary

    "They've just made him foreign secretary?" *stunned silence*

    Labour leadership hopeful Angela Eagle gave a speech bashing the Tories at a pro-Europe event in London last night.

    "Oh Boris is fun, he's great, isn't he, bouncing around, going to be the next prime minister and all of that," she said referring to former mayor of London Boris Johnson, before someone from the audience informed her Johnson had just been made foreign secretary.

    Her reaction speaks volumes.

    "Let's try and just get to the end of this before we go and have a collective, I don't know, not a suicide pact because we're not like that, but dear god," the chair of last night's event added as the audience digested the Boris news, according to the Daily Telegraph.

    Eagle said at the end of her speech: "Never, ever think having a Labour government elected isn't important."