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Jeremy Corbyn Read To Some Kids And Really Seemed To Be Enjoying Himself

"This might be the best picture of Jeremy Corbyn I've ever seen."

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited a children's centre in Bristol on Friday on day two of the general election campaign.

His visit to Brentry Children's Centre came after he claimed the government's education policies had left pupils "crammed into classrooms like sardines".

While at the centre, he found time to read to the children, choosing We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.

He got really into it.


The audience was enthralled.

But then...


A bear appeared!

A bear!



People really enjoyed Corbyn's commitment to the reading.

New favourite picture of Jeremy Corbyn. In the words of Tyra Banks, you really have to COMMIT to being a scary bear.

this might be the best picture of Jeremy Corbyn I've ever seen

Jeremy Corbyn looks like a cool grandpa who reads you stories and buys you presents. Then he loses you with a rant…

And his visit is on its way to becoming a meme.

"but mister without objective information from market prices how can a centrally planned economy efficiently alloca…

Corbyn's decision to hold a photo op at a children's centre comes months after Theresa May visited a school during the Copeland by-election and became an unexpectedly relatable meme.

There are only 48 days until the general election.

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