A Congressman Tweeted A Photo Of A Model Of Trump’s Wall And Everyone Made "Zoolander" Jokes

“What is this? A wall for ants?”

1. Steve King is a Republican Congressman from Iowa, a staunch opponent of illegal immigration, and a big fan of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

Last year, King (on the right in the photo) told CNN that ideally he wanted “a fence, then a wall, then a fence”.

2. And after Trump’s pick for Secretary of Homeland Security, General John Kelly, had his confirmation hearing this week, King tweeted a picture of him and the general in his office… with a model of the wall.

Steve King / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SteveKingIA

3. People couldn’t believe that a Congressman owned such a model.

Justin Hendrix / Twitter / Via Twitter: @justinhendrix
Jemaine Clement / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AJemaineClement

6. This is after all an elected representative holding talks with a retired general expected to join the President’s cabinet.

@MKupperman / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MKupperman

8. Lots of people made the same Zoolander-inspired joke.

Ana Marie Cox / Twitter / Via Twitter: @anamariecox
Ali Vingiano / Twitter / Via Twitter: @alivingiano

11. While for others, it reminded them of a classic scene from Spinal Tap.

Nick de Semlyen / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NickdeSemlyen
Richard King / Twitter / Via Twitter: @graphiclunarkid

14. Some people didn’t find it that funny at all.

John Aravosis / Twitter / Via Twitter: @aravosis
Paul Waldman / Twitter / Via Twitter: @paulwaldman1

17. President-elect Trump repeatedly vowed on the campaign trail that Mexico would pay for the border wall, but this month he said he would ask Congress to pay for it first, before Mexico reimbursed America.

Mexico remains adamant it will not pay for the wall, however, so King’s model might be the best option so far.

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