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Manchester United Painted Their Mascots' Faces Blue To Promote The New "X-Men" Film

Who says that football is over-commercialised?

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When Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney led his side out for the final Premier League game of the season last night, he was accompanied by a mascot with blue face paint.

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It wasn't a rebranding exercise for the Red Devils, but a promotional tie-in for the X-Men: Apocalypse movie.

Man Utd come out at Old Trafford to the 20th Century Fox tune, with mascots dressed up as X-Men #ModernFootball

All 11 of the mascots had X-Men character names on their shirts.

Man Utd / Via Twitter: @ManUtd

And three children, described as "lucky youngsters" by the club, had elaborate blue face paint put on to make them resemble Nightcrawler, Beast, and Mystique.

Cyclops kind of phoned it in though.

People weren't particularly happy about the whole thing.

Why are the Man Utd kids dressed up as X men

Man Utd dressing up mascots to promote the new X-Men film, a powerful new low for football...

@lukedvd man Utd and X-Men, two brands that meant a lot when I was a kid but now I wonder if either have any relevance or impact.

Ahhhh hahahahaha the Man Utd mascots were done up as X-Men characters. It does not get worse than that in football.

You can watch Manchester United in all good stadiums from next season onwards.

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