Beyoncé Supported Serena At The Wimbledon Final And Oh My God

    Yaaas Queens.

    Serena Williams has just won Wimbledon for the seventh time – her 22nd Grand Slam overall.

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    But even when you're one of the most decorated tennis players of all time, it's good to have someone you can trust in your corner.

    Especially if that person is FREAKING BEYONCÉ.

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    Jay-Z was also there.

    Serena Williams is playing at the Wimbledon finals and Beyoncé and her husband showed up


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    But mainly people were excited for Queen Bee, who's playing a major gig in Ireland tonight.

    Two queens at Wimbledon today. 😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥

    Some people thought it was written as soon as Beyoncé turned up.

    Beyonce showed up so you know Serena's gonna take this.

    Even though Serena's mum seemed focused on the match, which seems fair.

    Very focused indeed.

    This is the kind of relationship I want with @Beyonce #Wimbledon

    The bottle pass got a lot of love.

    Mamacene handing Beyoncé some water. Should've been lemonade, right? (h/t @JosephKocharian)

    Some people regretted their life choices.

    Was literally gonna go to Wimbledon today and decided not to, and now Beyoncé is there I wanna cry

    But mainly people wanted to know why Beyonce wasn't in the ~royal box~.

    Usually the Queen is in the royal box. Today, she's in Serena's box. #Wimbledon #Beyonce

    But why is Beyoncé not sitting in the royal box? 👑🐝 #Wimbledon

    .@Beyonce and Jay Z chilling in #Serena's box when they know they deserve Royal Box seats. #QueenBee #Wimbledon

    Serena beat Angelique Kerber 7-5 6-3, and in doing so, equalled Steffi Graf's record in the Open era of 22 career Grand Slams.

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    Congratulations, Serena!

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