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    These Pictures Give A Glimpse Of What It's Like Inside The Chinese City On Lockdown That's At The Center Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

    Wuhan, home to 11 million people, is on lockdown.

    Stringer / Getty Images

    A worker sprays disinfectant on a residential building in Wuhan, China.

    The Chinese city at the center of the coronavirus outbreak that has killed 17 people went into lockdown Thursday, with public transport closed, outbound flights suspended, and some roads out of the city blocked.

    The 11 million people who live in Wuhan, in central China, are now effectively unable to leave. Chinese officials say there are more than 600 cases of the virus, which has infected travelers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the US.

    On Thursday it was announced that a second city, Huanggang, which is 45 miles from Wuhan and home to 7 million people, would go into lockdown at midnight.

    The CDC says the virus causes fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, and coughing. It has already been shown to spread from person to person.

    The lockdowns in Wuhan and Huanggang come ahead of Lunar New Year, one of the busiest travel periods in China. These pictures from inside Wuhan give a glimpse of what the city is like during the transport lockdown.

    Hector Retamal / Getty Images

    Shopkeepers close their business in Wuhan, ahead of the Lunar New Year.

    China Daily via Reuters

    People walk past the closed Hankou railway station in Wuhan.

    Stringer / Getty Images

    People queue to buy food in a market in Wuhan.

    Leo Ramirez / Getty Images

    A man walks in a near-deserted Tianhe airport in Wuhan.

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    Residents buy food at a market in Wuhan. The virus is said to have originated at a market selling seafood and meat.

    Thepaper via AP

    Security officials stand outside Wuhan's Hankou railway station, one of the city's three main rail hubs.

    Leo Ramirez / Getty Images

    Passengers collect their luggage as their flight arrives into Wuhan. A handful of inbound flights were still operating Thursday.

    Stringer / Getty Images

    A Wuhan resident wearing a mask stands by a near-empty food aisle in a market in the city.

    Leo Ramirez / Getty Images

    A screen at Wuhan's airport showing almost all flights canceled.

    Leo Ramirez / Getty Images

    A thermal scanner screens arriving passengers for fever at Tianhe airport in Wuhan.

    Hector Retamal / Getty Images

    A passenger stands after arriving at the nearly deserted Wuhan train station, usually full of passengers ahead of the Lunar New Year, Jan. 23.

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