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The Queen Is 90 And People Can't Even

God save us all.

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It could not have escaped the attention of even the most ardent republican that our very own Queen turns 90 today.

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A number of her loyal subjects have chosen to celebrate this milestone in interesting ways.

These giant terracotta heads/nightmare fuel are in the 83-year-old's garden just outside Windsor, and he believes the Queen may have come to see them herself.

Jonathan Brady / PA WIRE

"When I first had them, I was in the front room looking out of the window and I saw five or six Range Rovers pull up," he told the Press Association. "I'm sure she came to have a look."

The life-size knitted Queen runs it close though.

But which is the best likeness, the knitted Queen, or the terracotta Queen...?


Though some people on Twitter as a rule weren't *quite* getting into the spirit of things.

Want to feel old? This is Snow White today

Is nothing sacred?

Guys, I just faceswapped the Queen and Prince George. #SCREAMING

BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt brought us the news that the Queen's corgis, despite being photographed with her, "know nothing of her status".

'Her corgis - they know nothing of her status.' Insight from Peter Hunt on the Queen's birthday photo. @BBCr4today #Queenat90


Some genuine scientists etched "Happy 90th Birthday" on to a strand of corgi hair in what is undoubtedly the tiniest/creepiest birthday message of the day.


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?

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