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21 Moments To Remind Yourself Who George Osborne Was

Who was he again?

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1. He's the guy who once seemed a bit out of it at PMQs.

Fred Azis-Laranjo / Via Twitter: @sunny_hundal

2. He was often called a briefcase wanker.

3. He cut the top rate of tax, and saved himself some pounds.

4. He once harassed some poor kid who was just trying to eat his cornflakes in peace.

Channel 5 News / Via Facebook: video.php

5. Here he is learning the law of the playground.

6. He once invoked a 1979 Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch about curry restaurants.

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7. He liked to wear hard hats and hi-vis jackets.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

8. He ~really~ liked them.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

9. He wore them pretty much 24/7.

Matthew Horwood / Getty Images

10. Again and again.

Carl Court / Getty Images
Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool / Getty Images)

11. Over and over.

Pool / Getty Images
Matt Dunham - Pool / Getty Images

12. So many hats.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

13. He had expensive taste in burgers.

14. But managed to win round the press in the end. Um... we think.

15. He was also booed at the Paralympics.

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16. And caught nodding along to Keane when he realised the camera was on him (from around 58 seconds in).

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17. He seemed to be under duress while listening to some children sing carols.

18. He once rammed home the point about cutting bingo tax – which is a thing – in the Budget by posing for a photo at a bingo hall.

Matthew Horwood / PA WIRE

19. In fact every single photo opportunity was quite something to behold.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

20. Back in 2003 when still a little-known MP he advised people how to get around paying inheritance tax.

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21. And there was that one time when he scrapped deficit targets and left office with the pound at a 31-year low.

Private Eye in no doubt who's to blame for this whole mess: George Osborne

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