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21 Moments To Remind Yourself Who George Osborne Was

Who was he again?

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2. He was often called a briefcase wanker.

5. Here he is learning the law of the playground.

6. He once invoked a 1979 Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch about curry restaurants.

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15. He was also booed at the Paralympics.

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16. And caught nodding along to Keane when he realised the camera was on him (from around 58 seconds in).

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17. He seemed to be under duress while listening to some children sing carols.

20. Back in 2003 when still a little-known MP he advised people how to get around paying inheritance tax.

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21. And there was that one time when he scrapped deficit targets and left office with the pound at a 31-year low.

Private Eye in no doubt who's to blame for this whole mess: George Osborne

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