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13 Super Healthy Quinoa Recipes For Vegetarians

Being healthy doesn't need to be boring!

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6. Berry Banana Quinoa and Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Bake

Via ifoodreal.com

This looks like it's going to be a seriously unhealthy treat, however, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the fact that it contains only 160 calories per serving (amazing!). It's also really high in protein. View the full recipe here.

10. Quinoa Burger with Chickpea Buns

Via forkspoonnknife.com

Another great gluten-free recipe that's also incredibly healthy and perfect for when you've got friends over. I think the chick pea buns are a particularly cool idea. View the full recipe here.

11. Quinoa Veggie Paella

Via farmonplate.com

This recipe in itself really shows how versatile quinoa is as an ingredient. Using it instead of carnaroli/arborio rice will dramatically lower the carb intake of the meal and it still tastes great. View the full recipe here.

13. Quinoa-Stuffed Zucchini Lasagne Rolls

Via delishknowledge.com

Lasagne is traditionally a very carbohydrate-rich comfort food, but within this recipe that's all changed. Stuff with fresh quinoa and ricotta, these zucchini lasagne rolls taste great and you won't feel guilty about stuffing your face with them. View the full recipe here.

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