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    Top 11 Ru Paul's Drag Race Looks Season 11

    These are just my opinions, so bear with me :)

    11. Yvie Oddly's Farm To Runway Look Episode 7

    10. Yvie Oddly's Sequins Look Episode 8

    9. Silky Nutmeg Ganache's Sequins Look Episode 8

    8. Brooke Lynn Hytes' Sequins Look Episode 8

    7. Shuga Cain's Facekini Look Episode 9

    6. Brooke Lynn Hytes' Legendary Look (Detox) Episode 1

    5. Brooke Lynn Hytes' Finale Look Episode 14

    4. Yvie Oddly's Fringe Look Episode 3

    3. Brooke Lynn Hytes' Caftan Look Episode 10

    2. Plastique Tiara's Witch! Please Look Episode 5

    1. Plastique Tiara's Finale Look Episode 14