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Stupid BBC Headlines

For a little while, I've been collecting absurd BBC headlines. Disappointed with either the tabloid style or the downright stupid nature of the article. Some are more stupid than others. These were also reported in other papers and websites (as I'm sure they all get the same stories from Reuters or wherever - but I expect more of the BBC, for some reason). You may think I'm a bastard for picking some of them, that's fine this is just my opinion of standards for the BBC as a whole. Some may be more of a quirk of me rather than a quirk of the story, I accept that too. (further apologies for spelling errors)

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2. Nelson Mandela went to see his doctor for a check up and he is fine

BBC / Via

Oh C'mon. I know we want to know he's ok, and want to get an update every once in a while, but I don't (didn't) need to know every time he went to his GP.

3. Oldest cat is 27 and his birthday is today

BBC / Via

OK you would think I would give this one some leeway because its newsround, but no. The earlier we start these kids on absurd stories the worse our country falls into the chaos of anarchy.

4. Knightsbridge gold supercars given parking tickets

BBC / Via

Gold supercars given parking tickets, honestly now. There were 4 pictures in this article, about cars getting parking tickets. An excuse to show readers these absurd cars maybe?

6. Triangular flapjack banned at school

BBC / Via

I'm sure some kid was really injured by this. But f*** really?

Are they banning all sharp objects as each child is hurt by them, slowly turning this small school into a heaven for people with Aichmophobia (fear or sharp objects)

7. My husband had to drink from a vase in hospital

BBC / Via

OK this Hospital was a complete mess, but read on dear friends and discover that her husband was on a restricted fluid intake so should not have drunk anything and took it upon himself to drink from a vase.

8. Greek club teen 'unlawfully killed'

BBC / Via

A tragic story, but if you read it, he was punched and fell. How could he have been lawfully killed in that case? Maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe you can kill someone legally I dunno.

10. Health decreases with retirement. And the chance of death increases

What's the phrase? No Sh** Sherlock

Can't find the link, you'll just have to trust me this was stupid.

12. UK unemployment falls by 4,000

BBC / Via

I know 4000 is a lot of people, but doesn't seem enough to be shouting about, whether it is or not it still feels like it could be within the margin of error or something. Feels like its the kind of number that could be accounted for by students having summer jobs or something.

17. Video Judge Snaps at accused

She was actually really nice about it. He didn't want to look at her in the eye so repeatedly and very nicely asked him to pay attention.

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