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10 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Playtime That Every Parent Should Know About

Playtime: It's more than just a chance for you to catch up on your emails!

1. Playtime is more than just a chance for kids to have fun. It’s also instrumental in their development. Play improves memory and stimulates growth of the cerebral cortex...

2. ...and it helps your child develop empathy and compassion for others.

3. Playing with others develops social skills, language, and communication.

4. Playtime is all about creative problem-solving.

5. When they’re playing, kids can practice adult roles and decision-making without any real consequences...

6. ...and confront their fears in a world they can master and control.

7. Undirected play teaches kids to create and enforce rules and ethics.

8. Play also leads to better behavior!

9. It also promotes physical development...

10. ...and even teaches kids about the basic laws of physics!

Play is an important part of your child's development, so pick up some Hot Wheels cars, tracks or playsets and help your kid grow into an awesome person!