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12 Brilliant Kids Who Are Definitely Too Smart For Their Age

These kids are definitely going places.

1. This technological genius.

My niece living in 3017 for sure 😂😂😂😂😂

The future looks comfy.

2. This multitalented escape artist/acrobat.

3. This kid who has already mastered the art of the filibuster.

Me: Get in bed. Kid: OK, but first, let me tell you this story about the time I found a cotton ball in a parking lot.

Bedtime extension granted.

4. This negotiator with flawless logic.

4-year-old: Can I have some of your candy? Wife: I got this for Mother's Day. 4: You're only a mom because of me.

Touché, 4-year-old, touché.

5. This kid, who turned the beach into his personal race track:

6. This problem-solving daredevil...

7. ...and this aquatic entrepreneur.


Lemonade stands are sooooo overrated.

8. This kid, who built the perfect toy for his cat.

9. This mini engineer who discovered a more practical use for a pillow fort.

10. Walls can't hold this clever kiddo!

11. The kid who found a loophole in sharing.

When you're not hungry for the whole pizza, but you still don't want to share. -4yo life hack

All the kids on the playground will be jealous when this kid rolls up with leftover pizza for lunch.

12. And finally, this mastermind who completely beat the system.

Grab some Hot Wheels cars, tracks or playsets and challenge your kid's imagination and problem-solving skills, because when kids take on tough challenges, there's no limit to how far they'll go!