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The 6 Worst Movies Of The 90s

This article is written from experience. As someone who has watched thousands (possibly 10 thousands) of movies, people constantly tell me to write an article detailing what I've seen. Well after much deep thought and contemplation, I have worked diligently to decide on the 6 worst movies of the 90s. Here they are.

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1. Firm Total Body: Better Body and Buns / Via

I watched this one all the way through and admittedly did not understand it AT ALL. The plot was terrible. Sorry to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but they just exercised for 50 minutes. Did I miss something? Can someone else who has seen it explain the plot to me?

Grade: F

2. Fabio Fitness / Via

I remember seeing this one in theaters, I think. I remember getting excited they got such a big-name actor for this movie, then being let down with the result. Typical Hollywood bringing you into movies with big names to just take your money with a no-effort movie. Fabio did a great job with the acting but it wasn't enough to make up for the lack of a plot. They just exercised for 50 minutes.

Grade: F

3. Hip Hop Abs / Via

I'm admittedly a huge "hip hop head" as they say in the streets, so I was especially excited to watch this one. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that the hip hop in this movie was AWFUL. I swear the music wasn't even hip hop, everything about the movie just STUNK. I kept waiting for a plot twist but eventually turned it off after about 45 minutes when I didn't get one. All they did was exercise.

Grade: F

4. Sweatin' to the Oldies 3 / Via

I remember growing up and watching this with the fam on family movie night. My brother hated it. My dad fell asleep 20 minutes in. My mom was complaining about something...the choice of movie I think...but I tuned her out because I was trying to pay attention. Well here's my advice: don't bother because the plot was terrible. Stick to the classics like Sweatin' to the Oldies 1 and Sweatin' to the Oldies 2 then skip this one, folks.

Grade: F

5. Denise Austin: The Complete Workout / Via

Ugh, this movie. I have a bad Valentine's day memory of watching this with an ex-girlfriend of mine. My first girlfriend, actually. She let me pick the movie for the night. I thought I read somewhere that this was a chick-flick. But they just exercised for an hour. I personally hate chick-flicks so I thought I was being thoughtful when I selected this. About 45 minutes in my girlfriend got up, called me "one weird dude" among other things, then broke up with me and left the room. I stuck around for the rest of the movie and to add to my heartbreak, I got nothing else but 15 more minutes of exercise. THANKS A LOT DENISE AUSTIN.

Grade: F

6. The Godfather Part III / Via

Some people say "hey, it wasn't that bad." Some people say "hey, give it a chance." But don't listen to them. Those are probably the same people who recommend "Body Flex + the Advanced Workout for Maximum Results with Greer Childers" for your next Netflix and Chill movie. I, for one, am done with listening to those people. I suggest you do the same.

Grade: F

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