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Ten Reasons Why Having Your Wedding In Nevis Is A Bad Idea

Thinking of having your wedding in Nevis? STOP. RETHINK ON THAT. YOU ARE MAKING A MISTAKE. Here is why.

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4. The quicksand


Most Nevis weddings take place on the beach. The quicksand there camouflages right in with the regular sand. If you don't want to sink into some quicksand when you're walking down the aisle, then avoid Nevis.

7. Rampant wedding crashers


Word in Nevis spreads around fast. Once one person on that island knows, pretty much everyone knows. Think "High school. Parents out of town. House party. You invited 12 people. Your whole class shows up. You don't know 75% of these people. Party gets out of hand. Cops show up. You get arrested. You cry. Your parents come bail you out." situation here. How many people did you invite to your wedding? About 30? Be prepared for 500.

8. It's too far away


Traveling is such a pain. Flying especially. TSA and all that, ugh. Don't want to deal with any of it. Again, to skip the flying, may I suggest having your wedding at your local prison instead?

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