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    Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Is A Human Emoji And We Have Proof

    BuzzFeed caught up with Olympic Gymnast Laurie Hernandez at the P&G Family Home in Rio and put to the test her reputation as "The Human Emoji."

    After winning a gymnastics team gold medal and an individual silver medal on the balance beam, Laurie Hernandez faced the true challenge of her time in Rio... IMITATING EMOJIS!

    Smiley Face With Open Mouth? No problem.


    "This looks like me when I won the medals."

    Tongue Sticking Out With A Wink? Easy.


    "We do that one a lot when we're taking silly selfies."

    Blushy Hugging Face? She knows it well.


    "That's probably me when I'm hugging Simone. We hug really tight."

    The Side Eye? Oh, snap!


    "That was Simone when Aly was talking about Zac Efron right in front of her."

    Yep. Nailed it.

    The Scream? She basically invented this one.


    "There's actually a picture of me out there and they're like, 'Laurie, you just won a silver medal!' and I looked just like this one."

    The Surprised Face? She can totally relate.


    "That was my face when I found out I would be part of the Crest team!"

    The Thinking Face? Been there.


    "That's me when my mom tells me I have extra school work that I didn't finish. 'What school work, mom? What school work?'"

    The Face Sporting Shades? Oh, you know she's got this one down.


    "This is me when I can't see the haters."

    The Epic Grin? This is basically her natural state.


    "That was me when I found out we won team gold!"

    The Kissy Face? Her interpretation is award-winning.


    "That was me in my floor routine."

    The Poop? We're speechless.


    Seriously...there are no words for this perfection.

    In fact, we'd like to nominate this image to be known as the Queen Laurie emoji.

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    Bow down.