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Top 3 Disney Princesses

My take on Disney's top 3 princesses.

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Top 3 Disney Princesses

The multi-billionaire dollar entertainment empire that is Disney began from humble beginnings.

Walt Disney went bankrupt in the 1930s, but defied all expectations and produced the first fully animated motion picture, Snow White

The huge success of Snow White, paved the way for 80 years worth of Disney magic.

Disney changed the animation game with its ability to create long-lasting and well-rounded characters that have exceeded all imaginable prospects.

From the many decades worth of films, there have stemmed 11 official princesses. I say “official” because not every female character has met the criteria required to earn the Disney Princess title.

Here is the Criteria List according to SuperColinBrothers on YouTube:

•The female character must play a primary role in the animated film

•The female character must be human

•The female character cannot be the primary role in a sequel

•The female character must be born or married into royalty

•The female character must perform an act of heroism

My list will consist of 3 animated films. The list will exclude, Pixar and any computer animated films.

My top 3 choices are part of the Disney Renaissance Era that spanned from 1989 to 1999. The Renaissance Era consists of 10 diverse films that range from the Little Mermaid, all the way up to Tarzan.

This 10 year epoch transformed Disney into the powerhouse we have come to know today and it's all thanks to the huge 90s cash haul. It far exceeded all the Disney Golden Age era (1937 to 1970) films combined.

With the Disney Princess criteria laid out, here is my list of the top 3 Disney Princesses:

3. The Lion King (1994)

Nala is one of many characters that did not receive the official title of Disney Princess.

Nala was Simba's ride or die. She loyally stuck by his side and joined in on his adolescent antics. Many of which nearly cost them their lives.

When confronted by the hyenas in the elephant graveyard, Nala and Simba fought them off and narrowly escaped death.

Nala was also the only lioness capable of pinning Simba down on his back, each and every time. Alluding to her strength and skill.

During the rule of Scar, Nala refused to bow down to him. She rebelled against the regime by going on a mission to find help and food.

Enroute, Nala encountered a rogue lion. She fought fiercely and managed to pin him down. She soon realized it was Simba.

Nala sternly encouraged Simba to return home. He refused and she persisted in protest. He soon went back thanks to Nala's tough words.

Nala braved the unknown to save her kingdom. She risked her life and managed to unite a kingdom for the better good.

If it wasn't for Nala there would be no Pride Rock.

Of course, Nala does not qualify as princess, but screw the criteria terms. Nala is a true princess.

2. Aladdin (1992)

Jasmine made a remarkable impression, because she was the first official princess of color.

Aside from her skin tone, Jasmine was spunky and rebellious. She unlike any other princess before her cared very little about wealth and fame, instead she opted for a simple, humble life of adventure.

The wealthiest and noblest of eligible bachelor’s tried their best to woo the unwed princess.

Jasmine refused every offer, because she did not respect their behavior. She was not some kind of prize to be won, wise words made infamous by Jasmine herself.

Jasmine made a break for freedom. She found her way into the bazaar, disguised as a so called street rat, where she met Aladdin and his pet monkey Abu.

Unknowingly, Jasmine grabbed an apple to feed a hungry orphan boy. The market owner caught her stealing the apple and threatened to chop off her hand. Aladdin immediatemy guided her away from danger.

The royal guard caught a disguised Jasmine and Aladdin for thievery.

Aladdin was sentenced to death for kidnapping the princess. Jasmine ordered his life to be spared, but her command was overruled by Jafar.

Jasmine was devastated for a boy she did not know. She was also kind enough to provide food to a hungry orphan boy. These examples are a true representation of her humanity and compassionate spirit.

Jasmine was a good judge of character and knew Jafar was a villainous man. She had her suspicions of foul intent. Somehow he was manipulating her father, fear of little concern, Jasmine confronted Jafar.

An audacious move on her part.

Jasmine worked alongside Aladdin to defeat Jafar. She showed little hesitation and much bravery when it came down to fooling and conquering Jafar.

Jasmine was not occupied with finding a man, however, she stumbled upon love with Aladdin.

Jasmine and Aladdin were betrothed. She chose Aladdin out of love. She encouraged her father, the Sultan, to eradicate arranged marriage and make it law to wed according to choice.

The best thing about Jasmine was her pet Tiger Raja. What woman do you know bold enough to befriend a tiger? 1. Mulan (1998)

Mulan was no ordinary princess. In fact, she was never really royalty by an standard.

Mulan was declared an honorary princess by Disney for her grand gesture of heroism.

What makes Mulan so unique is that an additional criteria was added to make her an official Disney Princess.

Mulan defied an entire nation, not for fame or glory or to prove her worth as a woman, but to protect her ailing father from war. Masquerading as a man in the Chinese army was a selfless and dangerous act that could've resulted in a beheading for treason.

Mulan knew the consequences, and yet, she still sped forth on horseback toward danger.

That alone is true bad-assery. A true testament of her iron-clad will and righteous nature.

At military camp, Mulan immediately realized she was in over her head. Mulan had trouble relating to the men and was hated on for her petite size and clumsy nature.

Training was a pain and she could not keep up with the intense demand to excel.

Instead of giving up, she perused her goal and eventually began to outperform the men in wit and skill.

Mulan fetched an arrow on top of a wooden pole, despite wearing body weights. No one else had done so prior to her moment.

Mulan alone took down the entire Hun army. Unfortunately, she was injured during battle and her true identity was discovered. Mulan was left for dead on the snow filled mountain tops. Although, her life was spared because of her recent success.

Mulan now a pariah to her beloved nation, righteously heads to the capital to warn the king of impending doom.

Shan Yu, the Hun leader, had survived. Unfortunately, for Shan Yu, Mulan disarmed him with a folding hand fan and blew him up with fireworkorks.

There is no way Snow White or Cinderella could have pulled off such a tremendous feat.

Mulan defines independence and strength by obliterating the standard damsel in distress stereotype.

Mulan does not need a man to prosper, a man needs Mulan to prosper.

Is it any wonder why Mulan is my top choice princess?

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