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Logan Movie Review (Spoilers!) 8.5 Out Of 10

My review on the Logan film (Spoilers!)

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Logan Movie Review (Spoilers!)

When Hugh Jackman was cast as Wolverine, in 2000, a frenzy of hate filled the cosmos. Little did skeptics know that fate was wise and Jackman would be the perfect actor to portray the adamantium-clad Canadian.

Logan takes full advantage of its R-rating and doesn't cross the line of f-bombs and gore just for hell's sake. The R-rating compliments the savage reality in which Logan has found himself and the maturity that comes with an audience that has grown alongside the X-Men franchise

Logan gives fans a much awaited and realistic take on having and using adamantium claws, in battle.

Blood splatter, severed torsos and headstabs drench the film red in a satisfying ode to the true legend of Wolverine.

Loosely based off the Old Man Logan storyline, in the comics, Logan takes us on a journey to the near future, where mutants for the most part, have been eradicated from existance.

After years and years of struggle and pain, Logan's healing factor is on the fritz. Logan has been dwindled down to an ailing limo driver and part-time caretaker, to the now frail and mentally debilatated Charles Xavier.

A high point of the film is Patrick Stewart's new and unexpected portrayal of Xavier. This take on Xavier is refreshing, it focuses on both the character's humanitarian and egotistcal side.

His selfish nature eventually leads toward his tragic death and the massacre of a family that offers them their home for a night.

For some, this massacre may be unnecessary, but it showcases the trail of turmoil that has and will continue to follow Logan for as long as he lives.

Despite his age and deterioration, Xavier remains a formidable force and has been labeled a weapon of mass destruction by the government.

Suffering from pyschic seizures Xavier renders those around him in excruciating pain and death.

We later learn that Xavier inadvertantly played a major role in the death of his beloved X-Men, in the Westchester incident.

Regret looms over the pair.

Xavier believes he should serve penance for is crime. Logan holds himself responsible for not preventing the Westchester incident, hence taking on Xavier as his responsibilty

Xavier is hidden away from the world, secluded and sedated. Logan and Xavier manage to survive in peace, away from the raging world of bigotry, with aid from the genius, former mutant tracker, Caliban.

Their tranquil lives quickly change when Logan is handed guardianship to a young mutant named Laura who posesses the same skillset and mutant abilities he has.

From this point on Logan, Xavier and Laura are on the run from the illegal corporate thugs of Transigen, known as the reavers, hired by Transigen owner and villain Zander Rice. Rice destroyed mutantkind by siphoning chemicals into the food and water supply.

Transigen, a reference to Mr. Sinister, began to produce their own brand of soldier, one such soldier being Laura. Lab scientists artificially impregnated Mexican woman with genetic material from a collection of mutant specimem.

Along the way, the trio are forced to face their demons, both figuratively and literally.

Laura's main goal is to reach Eden, a safe haven for the last of the new mutants. The new mutants being her and her fellow mutant experiment escapees.

Logan skeptical at first, comes to realize that only he can help to ensure the safe travel of Laura and the new mutants into Canada. Where we are to assume they will remain safe.

In the Old Man Logan comics, the new mutants meet up with Emma Frost.

Logan is a far-cry from its predecessors. It's dark, gritty and plays like an independent film.

Director James Mangold and Jackman gave fans the ultimate farewell to a beloved hero, in a genuinely heart-felt and poignant matter that works because it ignores much from the previous X-Men films, all while highlighting key moments that made the franchise shine.

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