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    19 Must-Visit Independent Shops In Brighton & Hove

    Shop 'till you drop by the sea.

    1. City Books

    Flickr: 128851519@N08 / Via Matt Chittock

    Like its San Francisco namesake City Lights, this store is the hub of the local literary-loving community. It's got cool author events, book-obsessed staff and a constant stack of signed paperbacks from the likes of Will Self and Jeanette Winterson.

    2. Vegetarian Shoes

    Vegetarian Shoes / Via Facebook: Veg.Shoes

    Looking to boot animal products from your wardrobe as well as your diet? Head here for funky and leather-free veggie / vegan-friendly shoes to sort your soles right out. It's been a left-field Brighton favourite for decades.

    3. Magazine Brighton

    Magazine Brighton / Via Twitter: @magbrighton

    Still pining for Border's beautiful magazine section? This hidden gem is trying its darndest to bring the magic back with gorgeous independent mags from every corner of the globe – and not a Take a Break in sight.

    4. Gresham Blake

    Gresham Blake / Via Facebook: GreshamBlakeLtd

    Dandified decadence meets eccentric everyday chic at a homegrown tailor that would have been right at home kitting out local style icon George IV.

    5. Choccywokkydoodah

    Choccywokkydoodah / Via Facebook: choccywoccy

    A true Brighton original (and star of its own bizarre cable reality show), this place serves up epic chocolate creations that come on like one of Nigella Lawson’s more frenzied fever dreams.

    6. She Said Boutique

    She said / Via Facebook: shesaidboutique

    Whip smart erotic rudery that’s a cut above the High Street sauce of Anne Summers. She Said offers a female-friendly space to shop couture lingerie and 50 shades-style fetish wear.

    7. Jump the Gun

    Jump the Gun / Via Facebook: Jump-the-Gun

    Ageing mods and new ace faces alike adore this living monument to the 60s modernist movement. Go in for a cheeky cravat or go the full Paul Weller and bag a sharp-cut suit before scooting off into the Lanes.

    8. Infinity Foods

    Infinity Foods / Via Facebook: Infinity-Foods-Co-operative-Ltd

    Fuelled by hippie dreams and chia-spiked hemp smoothies this cherished co-op sticks it to the man daily with organic food, weird ‘n wonderful supplements and a healthy dose of heady idealism.

    9. Bison Beer Crafthouse

    Bison Beer

    Much more than your average offie this craft beer-centric store features the best cult brews from all over he world – and mahoosive US-style "growlers" to take them home (or to the nearby beach) in.

    10. Hisbe

    Hisbe / Via Facebook: hiSbeFood

    Promising "happiness before profits" hisbe (or "how it should be") is a one-stop supermarket for healthy food and drink that’s fair for shoppers and the people that make the stuff they sell too.

    11. Dave's Comics

    Dave's Comics / Via Facebook: Daves-Comics

    From arty graphic novels to full-on superhero epics, this store captures the whole comic world in a single frame in the Lanes.

    12. Boy Parker

    Boy Parker / Via Facebook: Boy-Parker

    Your one-stop shop for ironic and stylish independent tees that are low on cheese but high on all the right cult references.

    13. Pussy Home Boutique

    Pussy Home Boutique / Via Facebook: pussyhomeboutique

    An alternative IKEA for those who like their homeware mashed with a bit of trash, Pussy is also probably the UK’s biggest purveyor of Moomin (and Miffy) related merchandise.

    14. Wolf & Gypsy Vintage

    Wolf & Gypsy Vintage / Via Facebook: Wolfandgypsyvintage

    Because proper vintage is much more than just piles of stinky Hawiaan shirts and charity shop sunnies. Wolf and Gyspy Vintage goes for fiercely edited one-off lost and found fashion finds that you won’t get on eBay.

    15. Brighton Open Market

    Brighton Open Market / Via Facebook: brightonopenmarket

    Traditional market traders and the artsy crowd happily co-exist in this covered street market that doubles as a venue for Lindy-Hop lessons and giant Scaletrix sessions.

    16. Snoopers' Paradise

    Snoopers' Paradise / Via Facebook: Snoopers-Paradise

    A rabbit hole of kitschy collectibles, curious oddments and enticing bric-a-brac (plus a fair smattering of utter crap) – on a rainy day it’s easy to lose the whole afternoon in here stocking up on retro delights for your flat.

    17. Toby Tiger

    Toby Tiger / Via Facebook: tobytigerbrighton

    Super-cute colourful organic clothes for Brighton babies and toddlers is the order of the day here, with vivid designs that look good even covered in kiddie sick.

    18. Lavender Room

    Lavender Room / Via Facebook: LavenderRoom

    Lavender Rooms offers a chic ‘n unique edit of covetable clothes and cute homeware.

    19. Pen to Paper

    Pen to Paper / Via Facebook: Pen-to-Paper

    A stationary nerd’s Mecca, Pen to Paper proves that scribbling in a gorgeous notebook with a smart pen beats tapping into an iPad every time.

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