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19 Ways To Cure Your Hangover In Brighton And Hove

Soothe your pounding head.

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1. Take a reviving dip in the sea.

Via Flickr: elsie

If a barefoot dash across the pebbles doesn't distract from your pain, the ice cold seawater should do the trick. Give yourself a deckchair break as a reward straight after.

2. Have a snooze in the Pavilion Gardens.

Via Flickr: adactio

Grab a nice cuppa tea and close your eyes for five minutes in one of Brighton's most picturesque places. Bliss. Pro-tip: don't drop any food, the seagulls can make this place look like a scene from The Birds in five seconds flat.

3. Get some sea air on the Brighton Wheel.


A quick whip above the skyline should give you a whole new perspective on your hangover. Just don't chuck up over the side – watching a sea gull try and eat it mid-day (and they will) won't improve your day.


9. Sweat out some toxins at LaserZone.

Via Facebook: LaserZoneBTN

Picking your friends off one by one with an laser gun is surprisingly relaxing and will give you that all-important feeling of achievement. Especially if you manage to shoot dead that irritating kid who's managing to blast everyone.

11. Try a mango fruit tea smoothie at Pearls Bubble Tea.

Via Facebook: pearlsbrighton

Brighton's most sought-after hangover cure – this shouldn't work, but somehow hits he spot. Watching the bubbles go round in the big machine while they make it is also strangely calming.