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    19 Ways To Cure Your Hangover In Brighton And Hove

    Soothe your pounding head.

    1. Take a reviving dip in the sea.

    Via Flickr: elsie

    If a barefoot dash across the pebbles doesn't distract from your pain, the ice cold seawater should do the trick. Give yourself a deckchair break as a reward straight after.

    2. Have a snooze in the Pavilion Gardens.

    Via Flickr: adactio

    Grab a nice cuppa tea and close your eyes for five minutes in one of Brighton's most picturesque places. Bliss. Pro-tip: don't drop any food, the seagulls can make this place look like a scene from The Birds in five seconds flat.

    3. Get some sea air on the Brighton Wheel.


    A quick whip above the skyline should give you a whole new perspective on your hangover. Just don't chuck up over the side – watching a sea gull try and eat it mid-day (and they will) won't improve your day.

    4. Tuck into an ice cream at Gelato Gusto.

    Via Facebook: 207110272714938

    Because sugar's basically a hangover food group, a scoop of this artisan ice cream will stop you feeling quite so sick. Team with a full-fat Coke for the win.

    5. Or try one of these bad boys from Troll's Pantry.

    Via Facebook: TheTrollsPantry

    Get your mouth round one of Brighton's best high-end burgers. It's the ideal mix of carbs, protein and fat in one glorious, hangover-cancelling hit.

    6. Eat a posh brunch down The New Club.

    Via Facebook: TheNewClubBrighton

    Another tasty way to get your blood-sugar level sorted out. They do bacon-infused vodka too if you want to bring out the big guns.

    7. Take a slow potter through St Ann's Well Gardens.

    Via Facebook: StAnnsWellSpringFestival

    For when your hangover is demanding a little peace and quiet. Watching gambolling squirrels is always relaxing: but prepare to dodge sugar-charged kids on scooters during the weekend.

    8. Grab a superfood sundae from the Guarana Bar.

    If last night's iffy burrito is lying heavily on your stomach, eating something healthy is all good. Get a load of the raw chocolate too.

    9. Sweat out some toxins at LaserZone.

    Via Facebook: LaserZoneBTN

    Picking your friends off one by one with an laser gun is surprisingly relaxing and will give you that all-important feeling of achievement. Especially if you manage to shoot dead that irritating kid who's managing to blast everyone.

    10. Afternoon tea at Blackbird Tea Rooms anyone?

    Via Facebook: BlackbirdTeaRooms

    Refreshing tea. Calorific cake. Lovely vintage-style tea cosies. Why bother with a headache-sharpening chain coffee place when you can sip away your afternoon-after pain away in style?

    11. Try a mango fruit tea smoothie at Pearls Bubble Tea.

    Via Facebook: pearlsbrighton

    Brighton's most sought-after hangover cure – this shouldn't work, but somehow hits he spot. Watching the bubbles go round in the big machine while they make it is also strangely calming.

    12. Nosh on some Indian street food at Curry Leaf Cafe.

    Via Facebook: curryleafclub

    Spicy food will see off a hangover, right? But don't trust any dodgy tandoori to do the job: the food here is spicy, light and life-affirming.

    13. Get soulful by the West Pier.

    Via Flickr: ruamck

    A moody walk while you ponder the wisdom of last night's 3am tequila shots is always good for the soul. The faded grandeur of the West Pier will match your mood perfectly.

    14. And the rides on Brighton Pier should sort you out.

    Via Flickr: iain

    Getting whipped around on some of the most rickety rides in the UK will give you something else to focus on other than your hangover. Make sure you're strapped in though.

    15. Gaze at sharks at the Sea Life Centre.

    Via Facebook: sealifebrighton

    If you're still feeling the effects of last night then the Sea Life Centre can feel pretty psychedelic. Trance out to the bright lights, but steer clear of the icky-looking jellyfish.

    16. Sink a couple of Best Bitters from Harvey's.

    Via Facebook: HarveysBreweryLewes

    A local Lewes brew that's popular in Brighton for a good reason. When it's time for a hair of the dog a couple of these have the hoppy heft to get you feeling better.

    17. Find out how much a city bedsit costs to buy.

    Disney / Via

    How much? Yes, it’s true: a look in an estate agent’s windows will see you sober up straight away.