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    14 Places Everyone Must Eat Fish And Chips In Brighton And Hove

    Everything in its right plaice.

    1. Bardsley's of Baker Street

    2. The Regency Restaurant

    3. Bankers

    Providing end-of-the-night ballast as a pre-emptive strike on your hang-over is the key to this enduring chippy's appeal. A short stagger away from Western Road pubs – it has gluten-free batter days too – if you're that way inclined.

    4. Wolfies of Hove

    Facebook: wolfiesofhove

    A relative newcomer to the battle for Brighton & Hove chip supremacy, Wolfies hits the sweet spot between hipster chips and traditional fishy fare. If you’re all chipped out the pies are pretty ‘mazin too.

    5. Palm Court Restaurant

    Facebook: 160448460633607

    Sometimes it’s all about the location. Gourmets might get a bit sniffy about the selection – yet standing on the pier noshing on cod ‘n chips while dodging thieving seagulls is as Brighton as a stick of rock or ridiculous house prices.

    6. Olly's Fish Shack

    @ollysfishshack / Via

    Apparently these local foodie heroes were dubious about putting anything as traditional as fish and chips on the menu. It’s good news that they did: this is proper local, with day-boat-sourced plaice that’s never seen the inside of a freezer.

    7. Fish + Liquor

    Fish + Liquor

    It’s nothing to do with the other ‘foodstuff and alcohol’-monikered place in Brighton, but Fish + Liquor also aims to energise an old format. Go for "The Traditional" for fish with a twist and wash it down with a couple of Goose Islands for good measure.

    8. The Salt Room

    Facebook: saltroombrighton

    Anyone fancy a bit of posh? As far away from tabloid-wrapped fish and chips as you can get, grab a table by the window (in summer at least) and bag a couple of goldfish bowl-sized gin and tonics to accompany a fishy feast.

    9. The Little Fish Market

    Facebook: 122599574576517

    Probably the ultimate upmarket Brighton take on fish and chips is here at this bijou place run by a chef that used to work with Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck. OK, it’s pricey – but where else are you going to get delectable duck fat chips and elegantly-served fish?

    10. terre a terre

    terre a terre

    This being Brighton, even veggies get an "in" with the fish and chip action. Better Batter is terre a terre’s witty version of the chip shop experience. The halloumi stands in for fish nicely while the tartare sauce gives a nicely piquant nom.

    11. Curry Leaf Cafe

    Facebook: curryleafclub

    Proof that fish and chips is as much a signature British dish as Chicken Tikka Masala, Curry Leaf Café cut through the grease with Masala-battered fish and chips that fairly zing with spice and heat. Probably the best pub food in the world: fact.

    12. The Urchin

    Facebook: urchinpubhove

    Fancy mixing your chips with a little crustacean action? This fish-focused Hove pub has excellent scallops, prawns and crab on the menu and plenty of scope for fat fries on the side.

    13. Fishy Fishy

    Facebook: fishyfishybrasserie

    Alright, so he’s not quite Rick Stein, but Dermot O’Leary *probably* knows one end of a fish from another. Anyhow, whether he’s doing the cooking or not (spoiler: he’s not – though he owns the gaff) Fishy Fishy is a dependable destination for sit down fish and chips.

    14. Kemptown Chippy

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