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    Watch Anderson Cooper Pretend Not To Know What Grindr Is

    "Is that just for hookin' up?" On his daytime talk show today, Anderson Cooper had on an "expert" to discuss "hot new trends for 2012," including "location-based apps" for "relationships," which he knows "nothing" about. Suuuure.

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    Of course, by "expert" I mean "random Yahoo! lady," by "hot new trends for 2012" I mean "things we've all been using since 2009," by "location-based apps" I mean "Grindr" and by "relationships" I mean "hookups."

    I almost forgot! And lastly, by "nothing" I mean "Oh dear god please don't let me slip up and say anything that would indicate I know what she's talking about I swear I only did it that one time at EBloc because I was bored and Ben told me I should be less uptight so I figured hey why not just download it quickly just to see if there are any guys on it in the bar because that would be a funny story to tell later on but then that one latino twink kept sending me messages and honestly the details aren't really important but long story short I deleted it the next morning and have only downloaded it again like three times since then."