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Oprah Goes Crazy On Jimmy Kimmel's Live Post-Oscars Special

Who knew the former Queen of Daytime could kick so much ass? Oprah Winfrey was the special guest tonight on Jimmy Kimmel's live post-Oscars broadcast. After some chitchat, Kimmel played footage of a meeting he'd "had" with Winfrey, during which he pitched her on some unconventional show concepts--"Oprah REPOs Her Favorite Things" and "Book Club Fight Club," for example--for her fledgling network, OWN.

Here's video of the segment:

And here are all of the shows Kimmel pitched to Winfrey:


"Oprah REPOs Her Favorite Things"


"The Jimmy & Oprah Interview"


"Oprah After Dark"


"Book Club Fight Club"


"Dr. Vajayjay"

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