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    Everything You Need To Know And See About Madonna At The Golden Globes

    Where do I even begin here? So, Madonna won a Golden Globe tonight for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture, which she accepted via an affected, narcissistic and pretentious speech that drew ire from the other nominees. She then made passive-aggressive remarks about Elton John. After that, Ricky Gervais. And then, finally, her narcissism had an encore when she presented the award for Best Foreign Film. Here's everything you missed in the order it occurred.

    1. Madonna's Acceptance Speech:

    2. Julianne Moore's Reaction to the Speech:

    3. Queen Latifah and Fellow Nominee Mary J. Blige's Reaction to the Speech:

    4. Fellow Nominee Elton John's Reaction to the Speech (He Had Previously Stated Madonna Would Not Win):

    5. Rubbing Salt On Elton John's Wound:

    6. Throwing Shade at Ricky Gervais Before Making Her Presentation About Her Whilst Lying About What Movies She Watched as a Child:

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