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    Where To Watch The New iPad Fall From the Sky Live, Right Now

    Unfortunately, Apple doesn't invite everybody on the planet to watch as Tim Cook descends from the mount, carrying a new tablet for the world to follow. Here's where we're watching, as close to live as it gets, starting at 10am PST.

    Ars Technica: Oh, I love Ars. Jacqui, who's liveblogging, is awesome.

    Engadget: To be honest, I hate their carousel image thing, but so far the fastest of any liveblog.

    gdgt: I think Ryan's been liveblogging Apple events longer than anybody else left in the game, so no surprise he's one of the bestest. Also killer photos.

    Gizmodo: Not a true liveblog, but by far the most entertaining.

    The Verge: Huge photos, and Josh is always smart and always fast.

    Wired: I don't know the dudes covering it, but it's Wired, man.

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