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    The Xbox 720 Documents Microsoft Doesn't Want You To See

    These documents supposedly detail the next Xbox ("Xbox 720"), the Kinect 2, virtual reality glasses codenamed "Fortaleza," along with the rest of Microsoft's vision for the living room over the next four years. It looks pretty wild.

    Supposedly the guts of the next Xbox.

    A year-by-year roadmap of how Microsoft apparently plans to get you to wear goofy glasses like Google's Project Glass — I guess there's officially a worldwide conspiracy — but notice that step 1 is happening right now, along with 2, sorta.

    This is why you'll want an Xbox 720, or whatever they call it. "Xbox 720" is a codename — I'd guess it's called Xbox ________.


    The next Kinect supposedly won't require you to rearrange your living room, and you can play with your friends instead of making them watch you.

    Also, it will turn you into Bruce Lee.

    Why have a cable box when you can have an XBOX???? (But seriously.)

    "The Cloud" is actually a psychotropic aerosol compound, based on the description in this slide.

    The holy grail. Also probably un-possible.

    Though legit looking, they could be fake, since they simply appeared on the internet with no source —  but it's curious that a law firm who reps Microsoft's been running around getting them pulled them from the web. Scribd won't even let you upload the document anymore. Which typically doesn't happen with totally fake leaks that have no basis in reality. And even if they are real, plans change, especially over the course of years — so it might not perfectly map out to what actually happens in reality. There are 56 slides in total, and if you'd like to download the whole thing for yourself, you can snag them here, here, or here. It's a fun little tour, fake or not.

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