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The Importance Of A Less Shitty Facebook Photo Service

Facebook's photo service has always been terrible. It's going to be a little less so now. But a little means a lot.

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When you think of photo services, you probably think of Flickr, or maybe Photobucket or Google's Picasa. But the biggest photo service on the planet, by far, is Facebook.

1000Memories estimated in September that Facebook had something like 140 billion photos total, based on a stat from a Facebook engineer that it collected another 6 billion photos every month. Flickr just crossed 6 billion photos total in August.

So it's been kind of a tragic farce that, as the most massive photographic archive in the world, Facebook the photo service has always been the pits. As of today, it's going to be better. High res photos, fullscreen view and improved color accuracy.

It sounds like a small thing, but Facebook photos are how we see so much of our friends' worlds — at least, the friends who use Facebook — and it seems that's more and more true over time, not less. So they really need to not suck.

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