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    A Leaked Apple Store Video

    If you want to understand Apple, watch this video. (via)

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    It says something about a company that its internal marketing materials are just as polished and every bit as aspirational as the ones that it looses upon the rest of the world, like this internal Apple Store promo video, produced by Washington Square Films. Partly that its internal belief structure matches the one that it projects outward, and that it needs every piece of the organization to share those beliefs. And partly that the promotional machine within Apple is one of its most powerful organs (in case you had, uh, doubts about that).

    In this 2010 video, Apple's former retail chief, Ron Johnson, earnestly describes the way in which Apple — a truly global corporation, and the biggest company in the world by market cap — fits into local cityscapes with its "significant stores" and how Apple Stores "can actually improve communities." Local, local, local is the mantra. He talks about Apple Stores the same way that Apple talks about the rest of its products, at one point remarking that "this store can be transformational to [a customer's] life." It's almost hard to believe that he's talking about where you go to buy an iPad mini or get your iPhone fixed.

    But if you get this video, you get Apple.

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