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What It's Like To Be A Recently Graduated OU Student

Once a Bobcat, always a pining Bobcat.

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You just graduated the illustrious Ohio University, now what?

Every Fall is a painful reminder that you're not going back to OU

You always seem to find other people from Athens wherever you go

You take trips back back to Athens often

And you always feel like this on the Sunday after your Athens visit

and on Monday ...

You can't believe you used to drink 4 times a week

People always assume you partied a lot in college

But you still check for OU in the Princeton Review's top party schools ... number 7?!

But you do love finding Jackie O's beer outside of Athens

Everything you own has an OU logo on it

And every hot dog you eat reminds you of O'Betty's / Via

No drunk food will ever compare to Goodfella's

But you'll have to move on sometime

h/t Lauren Custis

Not to worry, you plan on sending your kids to OU

And reliving your college glory days with them!

h/t Katie O'Leary

OU! Oh Yeah!

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