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    Why You Should Be Totally Obsessed With British TV Hunk Dan Osborne

    A finalist in the British celebrity diving show Splash and star in reality show The Only Way Is Essex, Dan's beauty is NOT for the faint of heart. (NSFW because of some bare British bum.)

    This is Dan Osborne.

    Dan is currently a finalist on the British celebrity diving show Splash where he wears these very tiny diving trunks and stands around looking very wet in between diving a little bit.

    Dan is also a model and TV star from the British reality show The Only Way Is Essex...

    But most importantly, he is a beautiful man whose very existence is a flawless gift to this world and everyone who belongs to it.

    ITV / Rex/REX USA

    First of all, Dan can absolutely and completely rock this tiny pair of leopard-print trunks.

    ITV / Rex/REX USA

    He can perfectly pose and run in them.

    He can perfectly stand around looking hot in them.

    And he can also perfectly turn around and I guess also dive in them, but that's like the least important part.


    ITV / Rex/REX USA

    He is well known for making Tom Daley visibly flustered on television by emanating beams of pure, raw attractiveness.

    Also for making him sweat:

    And for making him scream internally:

    And for making him generally lose control of his ability to resist looking:

    Also, Dan is a dad, which makes him officially one of the hottest British DILFs of all time.

    Pretty much every picture of him with a baby is absolutely flawless.

    He has a number of very important skills including this flawless booty jiggle.

    Whatever is happening here:

    Posing in a pair of loose-fitting trunks.

    Posing in a pair of nothing on the cover of magazines.

    Taking off his trunks and throwing them across the room.

    Generally standing around looking beautiful.

    Posing seductively in front of mirrors in nothing but his underwear and a half-open shirt.

    Wearing a onesie.

    Punching an invisible man in his underwear.

    Looking flawless in the snow.

    Looking flawless in bed.

    Looking flawless taking an iPhone mirror selfie.

    And generally being beautiful and patriotic and naked.

    Basically everything that's happening here is perfect.

    And he is the most beautiful hunk to ever exist.

    And Tom Daley knows exactly what it's all about.

    Thank you and God bless.

    ITV / Rex/REX USA