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Why The Super Bowl Is Awful If You Don't Care About The Super Bowl

As told by cats who clearly don't care about the Super Bowl.

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Everyone in America is basically like OMG SUPER BOWL SUNDAY. FOOTBALL. FUN.

And all your friends are like, "HEY LET'S WATCH THE GAME."

Except deep down, you're about *this* excited for the Super Bowl:

Of course, your friends are like NOOO c'mon let's have a Super Bowl party wahhh.

And you have to say, bro, calm down, it's JUST football.

But then your friends are like "JUST football?! ... what is WRONG with you!? You're coming to my party!"

Then you're like "UGH FINE."

So then you have to actually shower yourself, which is just a waste of a good shower-less Sunday.

And then you gotta buy drinks...

And even more drinks, 'cause everybody eats and drinks way more at a Super Bowl party for some reason.

And then you go to the party and there's like a hundred people there.

And everyone goes crazy whenever any important football thing happens.

And you're just like...

But everybody else is like...

And you're like, "STOP. I just want to be at home, in bed, eating cheese."

So you start getting angry with everyone watching TV.

And inside, you feel like this:

But... at least there's delicious Super Bowl snacks.

And you can still get drunk.

Even though lying around and doing nothing is still preferable because it's Sunday and you probably have work the next day.

In conclusion, NO THANKS, SUPER BOWL.

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