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Things People Do That Annoy Me But Shouldn't

This week on "Whine About It," a new short video series where BuzzFeed writer Matt Bellassai gets drunk at work and complains. (Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.)

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If you missed last week, "Whine About It" is a new, short video series in which I, BuzzFeed writer Matt Bellassai, drink a bottle of wine at my desk and complain about a bunch of dumb stuff.

Yes, someone actually let me do this. No, I don't know why.

Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed

On this week's episode: Lots of drinking. Also: Things people do that annoy me but shouldn't.

Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed

Like pronouncing the silent "H" in literally any word with a silent "H."

Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed


Or the incessant use of the dreaded "actually."

Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed

Nobody wants your actuallys.

Or anybody who dares call me on the phone to speak out loud.

Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed

Don't you ever call me on the phone. Unless someone's dead. And maybe not even then.

You can find new episodes of "Whine About It" every Wednesday (wine Wednesdays!) on the BuzzFeed Matt Facebook page and Whine About It on Tumblr.

Matt Bellassai / BuzzFeed


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