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32 Ways The World Would Be Worse If Beyoncé Had Never Been Born

In honor of Beyoncé's 32nd birthday. Thank God for BeyDay.

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1. The world would not have this beautiful stank face.

Chris Hondros / Getty Images

2. Destiny's Child would JUST BE Kelly and Michelle.

Kevin Winter/Staff / Getty Images

3. America wouldn't have its truest patriot.

Frank Micelotta/Stringer / Getty

4. Christmas probably wouldn't exist.

George De Sota / Getty Images

5. The world would never have had this beautiful hair.

Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

6. Football would be infinitely less fabulous.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

7. The most important couple of all time would not exist.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

8. Bono would probably be serving coffee at Starbucks right now.

Getty Images

9. This photo would just be Pink and Britney.

John Gichigi / Getty Images

10. And this photo would just be Prince.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

11. This horse would probably be dead.

I'm sorry, but it's true.
Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

I'm sorry, but it's true.

12. These outfits would never have happened.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

13. JLo and David Beckham would probably still be standing on this street, asking tourists for change.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

14. Jay Z wouldn't have a reason to smile.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

15. Usher wouldn't have a reason to be Usher.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

16. Randy Jackson would just be licking the empty air around his face.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

17. This beach would just be an empty, desolate abyss.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images

18. There would be nobody to ring the alarm.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

19. Dreamgirls would never have been a thing and Jennifer Hudson would never have been an Oscar winner.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

20. The 2007 Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model would have been some basic bitch.

J.Sciulli / WireImage for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli

21. Solange would not have the best older sister anybody has ever had ever in existence.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Geffen Records

22. Justin Timberlake would probably be mopping floors.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

23. Barack Obama would have nothing to pledge his allegiance to.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

24. Although, to be honest, he probably would not even be president.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

25. Michelle Obama would have been forced to hug some other, lesser being.

Rob Carr / Getty Images

26. Jay Z would have no reason to wear this hat out in public.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

27. The Illuminati wouldn't have its most important member.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images for ABC

28. Girls probably would not run this mutha.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images for ABC

29. This photograph would JUST BE Nicki Minaj dressed like this.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

30. Adele would have no reason to fangirl internally.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images for NARAS

31. Oprah would be NOBODY.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

32. And the world would not have its one true Queen.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

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