50 Times Beyoncé Ran The World In 2013

Bow down to Beysus.

1. When she started the year by gracing the nation’s capital with her flawless presence and first man.

Win McNamee / Getty Images

2. When Barack Obama himself honored her as America’s greatest national resource.

Alex Wong / Getty Images

3. When Bill Clinton was visibly stunned by her utter perfection and sheer diva strength.

4. When she sang a soft prayer for all of the haters who said she couldn’t actually sing the national anthem at all.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

5. And then when she ended in the most epic way possible.

6. When she took this selfie that raised the bar for every other selfie taken this year and probably ever.

7. When she came onto the Super Bowl halftime stage and single-handedly changed the face of football forever.


8. When she just stood there and absorbed the power and strength of the millions and millions of people watching her at that moment.

9. When her thighs shook the very foundations of the earth.

10. When this leg kick physically stopped the progression of time.

11. And when this tongue flick shifted the tectonic plates beneath her at that very moment.

12. That time the internet basically destroyed itself over her Super Bowl moments that were less than flattering.

13. And that time it didn’t matter because she literally shut that place down.

14. When she described her own flawless performance as only drunken Beyoncé could:

15. When she brought the golden trio back together.

16. And when she blessed them both with her impression of a fish.

17. When she declared the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and also declared that she is queen of this earth.

18. When she won her SEVENTEENTH Grammy and became the third-most honored woman in Grammy history.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

19. When she introduced Justin Timberlake with one of her fans.

20. And posed on the red carpet with another one of her fans.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

21. When she brought the entire Met Gala to its knees.

22. When she released “Bow Down” just to remind everybody halfway through the year that she still runs this.

23. That time she blessed the world with this haircut.

24. And when she changed it basically every day after that just to mess with us.

25. When she officially appointed her successor to the throne.

26. When she taught Blue Ivy how to spy basic bitches.

27. And how to twerk.

28. And how to rock her own swag.

29. When she covered Vogue in all of her glory.

30. And covered GQ in all of her sexy perfection.

31. When she was officially everybody’s preferred pick for Pope.

32. When she and her flawless legs re-entered the music world with her Pepsi commercial.

33. And when she absorbed the power of all previous Beyoncés to become the One True Beyoncé she is today.

34. When she blessed H&M with her swimwear.

35. And when she reportedly made them use her real body instead of slimmer curves.

36. When she released her documentary and told the world the true origin of her great power.

37. When she shot down literally all of your faves’ careers and ambitions.

38. When she rose from the depths and blessed millions with the religious experience of the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

39. When her power simply became too strong for one woman to contain.

40. When she grew angrier.


41. When her body physically could not hold the diva inside.


42. When she proved that gravity is simply another bitch for her to dominate.

43. When the world bowed before her.

44. That time she released a surprise visual album and swept everybody else onto the floor.

45. When she snatched literally every weave.

46. When she redefined the English language.

47. When she aimed to blow that shit up.

48. And when she succeeded.


49. When she declared her ownership of you and the rest of the world.

50. And then when she left us to figure out the pure domination we’d just witnessed, and to parse through the waste she’d left in her vicious path.

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