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    Watch This Dog Push A Puppy To The Park In A Tiny Shopping Cart

    Maymo the dog is an expert shopping-cart pusher. And Penny the puppy is totally into it.

    This is Maymo the lemon beagle pushing Penny the puppy in a tiny shopping cart.

    Apparently, they're going to the park, and this is the best means of transportation.

    And they're both, like, totally into it.

    Of course, the park isn't next door, so Maymo and Penny have to go on an adventure.

    So Maymo pushes Penny down the sidewalk.

    And past some graffiti.

    And through a garden.

    And on a boat for some reason???

    And FINALLY they make it to the park.

    And have, like, the best time ever.

    On the spinning thing.

    And on the swings.

    And basically they just had the greatest adventure to the park ever.

    Watch the whole video here and find more of Maymo on Facebook.

    View this video on YouTube

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