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Posted on Dec 2, 2013

45 Totally Important Reasons To Be Proud Of Tom Daley

ATTENTION WORLD: Tom Daley announced he has a boyfriend. Let us rejoice and be glad.

1. OK, first of all, Tom Daley is an Olympic diving champion and a superstar and a winner and a hero...

Clive Rose / Getty Images

2. He won an Olympic bronze medal for diving and looked adorable while accepting it.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

3. And also he's done a bunch of other very important things like write his own book and pose with his own book and stuff like that.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

4. But ALSO of equal significance are Tom Daley's other accomplishments, which include — but are certainly not limited to — his status as a total, complete, mega, life-altering babe.

5. Like when he emerged from the water in his tiny Speedo and shook off sweet, sweet droplets of glistening wetness while being a total babe.

6. And when he stood in wet clothes that clung to his beautiful abs while being a total babe.

7. And stood on the beach in very tiny shorts and spread his arms and abs while being a total babe.

8. Of course, besides diving and being a total babe, Tom has many skills, which include wildly thrusting his pelvis in the water.

9. Wildly thrusting his pelvis on a beach surrounded by other equally naked men.

10. Wildly taking off his clothes on the ground.

11. And wildly taking off his clothes in the air.

12. His has masterfully conquered the skill of doing this.

13. And this.

14. And this on a beach.

15. And this with a ball.

16. He can flawlessly pull of a sombrero while shirtless.

17. And flawlessly pull off a sombrero while shirtless and also in his underwear and also in a bush for some reason.

18. Basically, he has a number of very important assets.

Al Bello / Getty Images

19. And he knows exactly how to display them.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

20. And we should thank not only God, but also Jesus, for this gift.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

21. He worked for it and we should be proud of him for it.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

22. So proud.

23. Just like, really, really proud.


24. Tom's many accomplishments and skills also include posing next to his hot friends.

25. Wearing glasses.

26. Not wearing glasses.

27. Making this face while wearing a shirt.

28. Making this face while not wearing a shirt.

29. All-around just having a face that is beautiful and that does things.

30. Wearing a skinny tie and sunglasses.

31. Wearing skinny jeans and a tight shirt and this bow tie and ruining my life.

32. Matching these shoes with his outfit.

33. Sitting by the pool in his underwear while warmth and glory radiates from his flawless pack of abs.

34. Presenting his butt to the world as a gift of pure beauty and grace.

35. And just overall presenting his babe-ness and godliness to us lesser beings.

36. Of course, Tom is also super nice and friendly and he feeds ducks.

37. He has the decency to grill meat without a shirt because he knows that's how we like it.

38. Also, he has the face of an angel.

Getty Images

39. A beautiful, majestic angel.


40. A face that says, "I have a boyfriend, but I could still love you."

41. "You and I will still be together."

42. Basically, Tom Daley is a glorious and majestic gift to this world for literally every single reason.

43. And everybody should be proud of him because he is a superstar and a champion and also a total babe.

44. He's an adorable little bundle of joy and cuteness.

45. And he loves everyone and we love him.

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