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33 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction

In honor of Niall's 20th birthday, these are the facts.

1. When he and his blond hair and perfect arms and chest hair looked like this in an American tank top.

2. When he was asked what his favorite dessert was and he literally could not handle the pressure of the question.

3. When he tried twerking and this was the result.

4. Whenever he is super excited to be Irish.

5. Which is basically all the time.

6. When he's super surprised to be next to Harry Styles.

7. Or whenever Harry can't resist grabbing his boob.

8. When he looked like this playing basketball.

9. And when his arms looked like this making a peace sign.

10. When he danced like this.

11. And stuck his perfect tongue out like this.

12. Basically whenever he's a weirdo like this.

13. Or a sass-ball like this.

14. When his arm looked like this while holding a baby.

15. Whenever he is beautiful and adorable with one of the other boys.*

16. When he made these literally flawless expressions.

17. Whenever his hair looks perfect and silvery and wispy.

18. When he and his teeth and skin are perfect.

19. Basically whenever he is adorable with another person.

20. When he looks grumpy and somehow still perfect.

21. When he plays his guitar on stage and everybody physically explodes.

22. Whenever he does something with his tongue and/or lips.

23. When he held up 1D's moon man and everything was beautiful.

24. When he laughed and looked adorable next to a rose.

25. When he held up a doll version of himself and didn't look at all terrified about the fact that there is a doll version of himself.

26. When he wore this flower crown and looked absolutely flawless.

27. Whenever Zayn expresses his heartfelt desire to be with Niall forever.

28. Which is basically all the time.

29. When he wore this very skimpy shirt and pretended to have microphone nipples.

30. Whenever he eats food and looks super happy and pleased with himself.

31. Basically whenever he is adorable and beautiful.

32. And whenever he cannot even handle how adorable and beautiful he really is.

33. And when he's in this American shirt again, because it is perfect and so is he.